The subject of the service of love story photographer in Charleston is taking photographs of a couple before the wedding event itself. Love Story photography is a photo session of a couple in love, usually reflecting a romantic meeting and a walk of young people. It is usually a pleasant addition to a wedding photo session, where there is nobody acting, but a couple. There are a lot of advantages of shooting love stories before the wedding. But the most important thing is that during the love story photo session, the couple gets acquainted with the photographer in the field, working conditions, and not during a cold conversation in a restaurant. This helps both the couple and the photographer to understand each other more, which greatly facilitates work on the wedding day, when shooting time is limited and the photographer needs to work as «on the same page» as possible with the couple. The main idea is that it’s more comfortable and easier to find a common language with a photographer is the conditions of love story photo session, so then it will be easier to communicate during the wedding party. The payment is hourly as a rule.

engagement photo Charleston he is proposing her on the bridge during sunset

The service is good for you, because in the end you have a lot of professional colorful photographs not only from wedding party or with your relatives or close friends, but also with your soulmate only. Most often, on the wedding day, the newlyweds have a very superficial experience of photographing, and the grooms are mostly completely ignorant of what will happen. Naturally, your photographer will explain everything in detail and tell you at the first meeting, but the theory is best fixed in practice, and it is best that this practice does not take place on the wedding day itself .

A love story photo session is not just packages that you can show guests at the wedding. Love story will help you get used to the camera and the shutter sound, to relax. You will understand how your photographer works, what he expects from you. And most importantly – you will gain experience and will feel more confident in front of the camera, as if there is nobody around. From my own experience, I can say that after the pre-wedding shooting, couples who had no idea what to do and how to behave before, are surprised at how photogenic they are and how wonderful they look at the photo. And on the wedding day itself they already understand me perfectly, completely unashamed and not paying attention to the camera, just enjoying the most important day in their life. Celebration day is best organized in such a way as to get maximum pleasure and joy. Next to you is your love, family and beauty. So much effort and money has been spent on all this that it becomes very disappointing for couples who are already tired of trips, frantic timing and load by the middle of the day. But a wedding is such a day when you want to realize all your desires at once. Therefore, the compromise between this implementation and moderate load on the day of the event is pre-wedding shooting or as it is usually called love story photo session.