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Sincere engagement photo session in the heart of Charleston, White Point Garden

Can you recall your first impression of the person you are in love with? Sometimes it is neutral or even awful, but there are cases when meeting your future partner lights up your life like the sun.  Such people can fill you with admiration and help to deal with any problems and hardships. And it is that Zach has become for his beloved.The man is hugging the woman. They are smiling. Her eyes are closed

I asked Sam how they had met and the story turned out really impressive. The woman told me: ‘We first met after I had graduated from high school and moved for college. I started working at a job on the night shift trying to make extra money, and he was another one of the night shift workers. We spent a lot of long shifts talking and getting to know each other. I really liked how he carried himself. He is always so upbeat and positive, and could make anyone feel important just by having a conversation with them. It's really a treat to meet someone so positive in such a negative world. I'd say that's what drew me to him’.The couple is walking in the park. They are kissing. They are stnading with their backs to the camera.

I've got a real pleasure to watch how Sam and Zach was treating each other. All their words and interactions were full of love and tenderness. Every smile of the woman made everybody who could see it happy and excited. It is very important for a Charleston engagement photographer to capture sincere emotions of the couple and I have tried to do my best. Can you feel this romantic atmosphere through the photos?The couple is on the seafront. They are kissingThe couple is in the park. The man is hugging the woman. They are looking at each other

Engagement is an important step in a story of two loving people. It is always interesting to ask a person how he imagines their future life.Zach shared with me: ‘We’re coming up on two years in March. In 5 years I’ll definitely have gotten her a dog and we’ll be settled in to the routine of my deployments. It won’t matter where we are as long as we have each other’. It is such a romantic answer, isn’t it?The couple is sitting on the stairs on Church Street. They are looking at each other and smiling

Not many people often book a professional photography. That is the reason why a person can feel shy or even confused during a Charleston engagement photo session. Problems with posing and expressing emotions naturally are normal and I am always glad to help my clients to overcome these difficulties. Therefore, it was pleasant for me to receive such warm words from the man: ‘Honestly, Sam took command of the choice of photographer and I couldn’t be any happier. I don’t really know what to do in front of a camera and Dennis made it easy!’The couple is standing near the wall on Church Street.The man holds the woman.

Sam wanted to hold her engagement photography in the heart of Charleston. ‘I decided to take my photos in Charleston, because downtown has such beautiful scenery and I love the historic feel. The White Point Garden was suggested by Dennis and it did not disappoint’, the woman said.The couple is on the seafront. They are looking at each other

Her choice was really great! Our Charleston engagement photography in White Point Garden turned to be really beautiful and gentle. The photos made in the Gazebo look so romantic and lovely that they are definitely worth looking at repeatedly. The combination of beautiful greenery and fine architecture helps to create a charming atmosphere and provides really wonderful backgrounds for any kind of a photo session. You can also look at the photos made on Church Street as it is a great place to make nice photos too.The couple is walking on Church Street. The man holds the woman's handThe couple is in the park. The man is hugging the woman

I tried hard to make photos perfect and it was pleasant to hear such a review from the woman: ‘Our photo session with Dennis was awesome. He made us feel very comfortable in the first few minutes, which really helped us. Seeing the previews of the photos, even unedited, I’m very happy. I can’t wait to continue working with Dennis’.

Thank you, Sam and Zach, for this lovely day!The couple is hugging on Church Street.The couple is smiling. The woman stands behind the man and hugs him.

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