Marsha and Paul chose a beautiful place to make their own history together and got married in Isle of Palms. Isle of Palms makes its home among naturally charming neighbors, like the Intracoastal Waterway, Atlantic Ocean, Breach Inlet, and Sullivan’s Island. Perhaps, it is the perfect place to make your wedding photography.

Why did Marsha and Paul choose exactly this place? Here we have their answer for you: “We decided to get married in Charleston because neither one of us had been there before.  Everyone we had spoken to about Charleston loved it so we planned a summer vacation there”.

The weather was cloudy and it really just added to the magic of the day. The combination of natural delicate colors looked very romantic and caught the eye.  The dress and the costume were perfectly matched and complemented the overall picture very well.

Marsha and Paul is an active and positive couple. Their main passions are sports (mainly football) and music. You can see that all photo shoots are full of the energy, the joy of this unique moment. Working with them was real pleasure, after all the beach wedding photography turned out to be tender, intimate and unforgettable not only for the couple, but for us too.

How was it? Marsha and Paul answer, “Charleston is amazing!  We’re definitely going back regularly.  We pulled out a map and discussed FLA, Cali (Nappa & San Fran), New Orleans and cruises.  One (or both) of us have been to all of these places, and we wanted something different that had beaches, history, restaurants/entertainment.  And it was a short flight from Chicago.  This was the BEST time of my life….  A fairytale”.

We are very happy that Isle of palms wedding, as well as our photos, justified all their expectations! Working with such an amazing couple is great experience, and it’s really big luck to be a part of this magnificent event.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer