It is difficult to count how many photo sessions I have taken for more than five years of my experience. I have explored a lot of places and have met many great couples and families. That is why this time I have decided to sum up a little bit and make up an article covering the whole month. The main theme of it is one of the brightest events of your life – wedding!Charleston wedding photographyCharleston wedding photographer

It is always so exciting and even breathtaking to take wedding photos. White dress and vail, exquisite and carefully selected decorations, gorgeous fragrant flowers and, of course, solemn atmosphere and pure emotions – capturing all this in photos is one of the best parts of my work as a Charleston wedding photographer.Wedding photo session in Charleston

Wedding photo session in CharlestonCharleston wedding photo session
I would like to point out some beautiful locations when I was lucky to take wedding pictures that month.Wedding photo session in CharlestonCharleston wedding photography
One of them is the Governor’s House Inn in Charleston. If you want to take many romantic pictures it is a great choice for your important day. Beautiful views and charming decorations create amazing backgrounds for lovely photos.Charleston wedding photo sessionCharleston wedding photographyCharleston wedding photographer
Another gorgeous wedding I had with an absolutely wonderful couple at the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort. That day was full of bright emotions and fun! We took a lot of charming photos with numerous relatives and friends of the couple. You can have a look at the picture of the couple with their bridesmaids and best men. It is amazing, isn’t it?Wedding photo session in CharlestonCharleston wedding photographerCharleston wedding photo session
One more wedding I would like to pay your attention to was hold at the Cooper River Room. The main reason why I like these pictures so much is not the beauty of the location. It is wonderful, but it is the lighting that is so peculiar about the photos. A happy bride in the rays of the fall sunset sun looks magnificent, don’t you think so?Wedding photo session in CharlestonCharleston wedding photographer
It was a busy month and I have had many beautiful photo sessions. I am always so proud to be part of such a significant event! If you need my service, it would be my pleasure to help and create the best photographer in Charleston for you.Charleston wedding photographyCharleston wedding photographerCharleston wedding photography

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