July 28, 2021

On July 28, 2021, on a sunny summer day, Jim and Laura had a small but touching wedding. And I had the great honor of being at that event as an elopement photographer. The newlyweds met at work and have been together for 11 years. During this time, they not only tested their feelings, but also experienced many different moments together. 

Their small wedding can be described as an elegant and romantic event. Wentworth Mansion was chosen as a venue, and it was the right choice. This place is simply steeped in romance and surrounded with wonderful nature. Gorgeous greenery provided a background composed of soft earth colors. That is good for taking portrait photos. The sun wasn’t very bright so we managed to take brilliant photos on the rooftop. Laura chose a very elegant wedding dress with a delicate veil and tiara. She looked charming. 

The micro wedding ceremony took place outdoors and the newlyweds performed a Mexican tradition of exchange of arras. It was very spectacular and memorable. Jim and Laura were looking forward to this day, and their emotions were sincere. As an elopement photographer, I was happy to work with the couple and their families. We also took wonderful shots in the temple where the newlyweds thanked the Lord for each other. 

It was a very emotional day. Starting a new family is always a celebration. We wish Jim and Laura a family life full of celebration. 

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer