As the majority of people are really obsessed with immortalizing every special moment of their life, professional event photography has been particularly significant. So to capture all the memorable moments and special details you'd better have a worthy photographer who is able to cover the event in the most perfect way.

Just invite a professional photographer and you will not be disappointed. Make sure that he loves meeting new people as much as to capture their emotions, joy and great mood in the most appealing and positive way. It doesn't really matter what event is being shot - a big celebration or an intimate home party, every subtle moment will be carefully documented.



Here you may look through my wedding photography packages. If you want to know more information about wedding prices, click button Learn More.

$ 1,499

    • – Coverage up to 6 hours on your wedding day;
    • – Complementary event session;
    • – Professional ceremony video – highlight reel (Sample);
    • – 2 photographers;

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$ 1,999

  • – Coverage up to 8 hours on your wedding day;
  • – Complementary event session;
  • – Professional ceremony video – highlight reel (Sample);
  • – 2 photographers;

$ 3,499

  • – Coverage up to 8 hours on your wedding day;
  • – Complementary event or rehearsal dinner photo session;
  • – Wedding story film (Sample);
  • – 2 photographers;


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    What events can be photographed

    The Charleston photographer for event will capture the most remarkable moments of any type of the occasion, like:

    • business events;
    • holiday parties;
    • birthdays;
    • award ceremonies;
    • anniversaries;
    • local sport competitions;
    • weddings;
    • engagements;
    • concerts;
    • charity events;
    • fundraisers, and others.

    Invite a professional event photographer not to regret later you hadn't done it!

    We can bet you have often felt sorry when you wanted to shoot your occasion properly but failed because you were too busy with hosting preoccupations. And the awareness that you failed to capture some significant moments is really depressing you for a long time. You know a host has a number of responsibilities and simply have no possibility even to notice everything important and memorable, not to mention recording them. So that's why you would need Charleston photographer to have you exempted from shooting. Relax and enjoy your host's duties and let the professional take care of proper recording of best moments!

    See your local event photographer before the occasion to speak to him and understand how your expectations from shooting will be met. Perhaps you will need a careful discussion concerning the location, invitees, their personalities and your particular wishes. Take into account that worthy event photography includes both spontaneous and posed shots that make the distinctive atmosphere.

    Various events regardless of their scale, type and number of guests leave precious memories in each attendee's heart which should be carefully cherished and remembered. Not to miss a single one of them let your Charleston event photographer view and capture them. In this case your guests' memories will last indefinitely. Just contact the photographer, discuss your needs with him, then book him for your event and look forward to see perfect photos recording your occasion!