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Cherished Memories: Expert Proposal Photography in Charleston

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Secret proposal photography has a special place among other services of our team. The reverential attitude is caused by the singularity of the moment. There is no way to repeat that. Emotions of surprise and happiness are always unique and priceless. Such moments stay in your memory forever. You will be happy to relive them together or tell a story to your friends.

Your Secret Proposal Journey: Guided Photography Experience in Charleston

We have photographed hundreds of happy couples. And we know how nervous you are before making a secret proposal. This is absolutely normal. We are here to support you. Based on our experience, there are 3 things that will make your surprise proposal less stressful.

Preliminary call

Once you’ve hired a photographer for a proposal, we will choose a time for a call. We will discuss all your ideas, expectations and questions. If calling is not convenient for you, we will find another way. A detailed email or text messages are also good for keeping up with your ideas. The main goal of all discussions is to be on the same page with our client.

The best locations list

I will send you a video with the most popular places for secret proposal. The reel will help you to understand what your location will be and where the secret photographer will be. After searching for proposal photographers near them, people usually come to Charleston from other cities. So they are not familiar with the area. The video will make it clear for you, helping you to be more confident on the proposal day. I can also draw a map for you and mark your and the photographer's position.

Photos exchange

After placing a booking, you will receive my picture. So you will know the photographer who will be with you on that special day. In turn, I will ask you to send a photo of your couple. Thus, both sides will know who they are working with. Whether you are local or not, knowing your photographer in advance brings so much comfort and confidence to you.

Some couples prefer to divide the proposal into two parts. The first part includes the secret proposal itself, while the second part is a celebration of the proposal at the restaurant or other location. Usually, only the dearest people are involved in the celebration. In this case, the photographer pretends to say goodbye to the couple after the proposal. But in fact, the photographer will take part in the celebration, having one more chance to see happy faces of the couple together with the relatives.

Captured Moments: Showcasing Our Secret Proposal Photography

Exclusive Secret Proposal Photography Packages

Here you may look through our secret proposal packages. If you want to know more about the prices, click the button Learn More.


$ 195

  •  – Coverage up to 30 minutes of a photo session;
  •  – One photographer;
  •  – Online, private photo gallery;
  •  – Turnaround 1-3 days.


$ 445

  •  – Coverage up to 60 minutes of a photo session;
  • – Unlimited locations;
  • – One time wardrobe change;
  •  – One photographer;
  •  – Online private photo gallery;
  •  – Turnaround 1-5 days.


$ 995

  •  – Coverage up to 60 minutes of a photo session;
  •  – Unlimited locations;
  •  – Unlimited wardrobe changes;
  •  – One photographer;
  •  – Online private photo gallery;
  •  – Turnaround 3-10 days.

Love Unveiled: Client Testimonials on Our Secret Proposal Photography


    Charming Charleston: Perfect Destination for Your Proposal

    Charleston is a very picturesque and romantic city. It is good for the secret proposal, as there are always tourists with cameras. Thus, the surprise proposal photographer with a camera will not look suspicious.

    Another advantage of Charleston is the variety of private spots. Our clients often prefer proposing at places without an extra audience. We totally understand them, as this special moment does not require anyone else but the couple. If you also consider such places for your proposal, just let us know. We will recommend private locations.

    One more detail: the photo session does not end just after the proposal. We continue to take photos of the happy couple, highlighting the beautiful engagement ring. Working with us, you will see numerous options for taking romantic, nice or fun pictures of your couple and engagement ring. You will be pleased to reminisce about a day full of positive emotions.

    Proposal Photo by Charleston SC Proposal Photographers
    Proposal Photography by Charleston SC Proposal Photographers
    Proposal Photoshoot by Charleston SC Proposal Photographers
    Proposal Photos by Charleston SC Proposal Photographers
    Proposal Photos by Charleston Proposal Photographers
    Proposal Photo by Charleston Proposal Photographers

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