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Family has a special place in our lives. For many, it’s the basis of all happiness. Family often helps us define, pursue and achieve our life goals. As a team of Charleston family photographers, we understand the importance of professional photos as they convey joy and memories. We capture these priceless moments, so you and your family members will be able to relive them. In this article we would like to share our vision of a family photo session and provide you with some tips based on our experience.



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$ 199

  •  – Coverage up to 30 min of a photo session;
  •  – Online gallery for your Family and Friends;
  •  – Photoshop touch-ups for each image;
  •  – Up to 7 people including kids, extra person + $30..


$ 449

  •  – Coverage up to 60 min of a photo session;
  •  – Online gallery for your Family and Friends;
  •  – Photoshop touch-ups for each image;
  •  – Up to 14 people including kids, extra person + $25.


$ 699

  • – Coverage up to 2 hours of a photo session;
  • – Online gallery for your Family and Friend;
  •  – Photoshop touch-ups for each image;
  •  – Up to 20 people including kids, extra person + $20.


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    Why is every family portrait photograph unique?

    Having photo sessions with dozens of families, we know how different they are. Each family has a special bond and its own vibe. CharlestonPhotoArt team pays attention to every member of the family, as well as to the special qualities each one adds to the family as a whole. We focus on each person and have great flexibility in working with different dynamics, depending on the age or situation. Working outdoors is always an adventure during family photo sessions. Taking photos on the beach, in historic places or plantations, we preserve the uniqueness. We present the best qualities of each member (even newborn ones!) and return them to you in photographs that will provide cherished memories forever.

    The core elements of the photo shoot

    While the most important one is your family, there are also a couple of things you need to choose. The first one is a professional family photographer. The result of your photo session totally depends on this person. Another basic element is the location. A place with the right atmosphere will do a lot for the photos.


    If you have no idea how to choose a professional photographer, then remember the famous song – listen to your heart. You may think: but what if there are so many family portrait photographers near me? The answer is the same. Check their websites to find the style you like. Many of our clients said that our photos stole their hearts once they saw them. And we are truly proud of such feedback.


    Before planning a photo session, it would be good to think about its general idea. Gather together and find out what location resonates with your family energy. Maybe a beach is a special place for you? Its fresh wind adds some dynamics to the photos. Green parks and plantations are also amazing for family photo sessions. There you may find unusual trees, beautiful flowers and benches to sit on.

    What about the outfits?

    Even if you are planning to have black-and-white photographs, the outfits of all participants should have matching style. Neutral color scheme is a never-fail option for any photo session. Earth color palette is also a good one. Especially if you would like to add more colors but are afraid of looking gaudy. Looking through examples of family portraits is also a way to find your inspiration. One more idea – check the content from a stylist you like or even involve one to prepare the whole family outlook. Whatever way you choose, please remember to do it beforehand. You may need time to buy some pieces. Having enough time will make your preparations more comfortable.

    We hope this article helped you to know more about the family photo session and the preparation process you may face. If you consider Charleston for the photo shoot, we’ll be happy to be a part of this amazing experience.