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Do you need to update your resume? Do you want to create a new look to impress customers? Then, Charleston business headshot photography is exactly what you need. A professional portrait photographer will make every picture fit a contemporary website design or a modest badge.

Going out of your way to get a business headshot is an inconvenience for some and an exciting event for others. Regardless of how you think of it, the whole process is enjoyable when done in a friendly yet professional environment.



We did our best to make up 3 packages for different needs and budget. As a team of professional business photographers in Charleston, we would be more than happy to create a great personal image of your company!

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$ 149

  •  - 30 minutes in Studio or on Location;
  •  - up to 30 images;
  •  - 1 image of your choice retouched;
  •  - Turnaround 1-2 days.


$ 249

  •  - 60 minutes in Studio or on Location;
  •  - up to 50 images;
  •  - 3 images of your choice retouched;
  •  - Turnaround 1-3 days.


$ 449

  •  - 120 minutes in Studio or on Location;
  •  - up to 100 images;
  •  - 10 images of your choice retouched;
  •  - Turnaround 3-5 days.


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    The secret is in details

    The result of any photo shoot is a combination of effort from both models and photographers. Creating a good environment to ensure that the image conveys the personality of a model and looks beautiful is crucial. Considering comfort, you may check professionals who take business headshots near your home.

    The focus, pun intended, must stay on several key aspects:

    • • Choosing the right background complements the outfit and theme of the portrait;
    • • Finding the right place with or providing excellent lighting;
    • • Creating a friendly atmosphere that helps a model relax;
    • • Incorporating in the process both desires of a model and requirements for the standard business headshot.

    Make the most of your professional business headshots

    All the above applies to any professional portrait photography yet excellently suits what a corporation needs to display on their website or put on a badge. Modern businesses want people to look relaxed and trustworthy, which is hard to achieve when models are stiff and want to end the shoot as quickly as possible.

    Often, casual business headshots are taken in either inconvenient times or busy studios. The frustrations of models are not addressed and the outcome is disappointing. People in the pictures look tired, confused, and unconfident — something opposite to what modern companies want to be associated with. Let’s discuss the previously mentioned points to know more about their contribution to the result.


    Although the majority of photos are taken against solid backgrounds, you may consider other options. For example, how about taking business headshots outside? Greenery is a beautiful background for any photo shoot. Sophisticated architecture is also suitable for the portrait. If you doubt, talk to us. We will help you to get the best possible photos.


    What message is hidden in your business headshot? What would you like to tell? Answer these questions while choosing your clothes. Neutral colors are the best option for the photo shoot. But if you would like to express your creativity, then pick bright colors. Prints are questionable, as they are hard to combine with the outdoor backgrounds. Wearing a uniform? Take it to the photo session. You may also consider taking a spare outfit. It will help you to look less formal yet serious.


    Do not be afraid of makeup for the photo session. Trust us, it may be invisible. A gentle touch of powder brush will eliminate the unnecessary glints. Everyday makeup is a good option for those who would like to put the emphasis on particular parts of the face. It looks natural and impressive.


    We always do our best to provide our clients with naturally looking retouching. We adore the unique beauty of every person we meet. Working with us, you will see how beautiful and confident you are.

    A professional business headshot always looks great. When the experienced Charleston photographer stands behind the camera, the final picture emanates friendliness and confidence while highlighting the beauty of a model.