Business headshot is a great way of promoting for all kinds of professionals. The key figure of such a portrait is a person who impersonates professionalism and confidence. Choosing the right outfit for a business headshot is very important. Although the clothes themselves can’t be bad, we would like to provide you with basic recommendations. So that the result of the photo session will exceed all your expectations.

Having 2-4 sole-colored outfits in neutral colors is a sure option. After the photo session it is always good to have at least 2 options you can choose from. White color together with the different shades of gray, beige or blue are the main colors for the business portrait shooting. Checking the color theory, you may also consider deep colors that match the studio interior or the outdoor location.

Color and style

The main rule for choosing outfits for all kinds of photo sessions is that you should like the pieces you wear. And they should be comfortable as well. The comfort and confidence of the person during the shooting stands behind every great portrait you’ve ever seen.

1. Less is more. This approach works perfectly. Talking about the business portrait, remember that clothes are a sort of frame for the person. It surrounds you with colors and textures that suit you most and declares your professional status. The style of clothing will show if you are a creative or conventional professional.

2. Think about the clothes the same way you think about the background. It is not designed to draw attention from you. In this case, a sole-colored outfit will do better than the one with ornaments.

3. Light colors near your face tend to add some freshness to the image. You do not have to stick to the white shirt. Soft blue or beige colors also work well.

4. Tender colors look more noble than bright ones. Same for the deep shades: they are more elegant and favorable.

5. Try not to mix more than 3 colors in your outfit. It will help to avoid the motley image.

6. Consider developing a multilayered outfit. It allows us to diversify photos. For example, you can take off the jacket and put it away or on your shoulder. Different accessories (glasses, wristwatches, neat jewelry) will do the same.

7. Do not forget to find the matching shoes. You do not have to use the same pair for each outfit if you feel like the different ones are better. Usually business headshot includes the area from your head to the middle of the hips. But if you would like to have a full-length picture, then a good pair of shoes will save the day.

8. Choose the right size of the items. You are not supposed to fit your clothes. The clothes are meant to fit you.

9. Steam your clothes before the photo session. Tidy clothing will do its best for your image.

10. Involve a stylist if you find it’s necessary. Professionals with rich experience will help you to create a mind-blowing image.

11. Probably you will consider having some extra things that will emphasize your professional area. It can be a set of books, trophies, a laptop or anything you find relevant.

Things to avoid

As we said before, the clothes themselves are not bad. But some pieces can turn out as an unpleasant surprise. Below you will see our commentaries about them.

1. Thin stripes or small check fabric tend to create a lot of ripples in the photos. The ripples are especially visible on the low-resolution monitors.

2. Large prints draw the attention from the person. They are difficult to style and usually do not allow us to create an elegant outlook.

3. Easy crinkled materials make you look untidy or require too much effort to keep them tidy during the shooting.

4. Clothes in the same color as the background provide a morbid effect. The body blurs together with the backdrop and gets lost in it.

5. Large shining accessories cause a lot of unnecessary flecks and draw attention from the depicted person.

6. Having just 1 outfit is a bit risky. During the photo session you may notice some imperfections on the clothes (spots, holes, wrinkled fabric). Then an extra outfit will do its job. Taking spare clothes is much easier than rescheduling the photo session.

If there is anything else you would like to discuss, do not be afraid to ask the photographer. A friendly and experienced professional will help you to create an image you need.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer