Speaking about photo sessions, we know the background is as important as the person who is depicted in the portrait. A well-thought-out combination of personal style and background allows you to make an impression you need. Here we will describe possible locations for your business portrait. Which one is the best? It’s up to you.

Classic approach

This is a studio photo session against a solid-colored background. Usually the colors are black, white or gray. This option is simple and suitable for all purposes and all professionals. As a result, you will get a beautiful portrait without unnecessary decorations. Such portraits are quite universal. They can be used for websites, advertising campaigns, CV, conferences etc.

Classic photo sessions require a minimal set of equipment: the backdrop, the lighting appliances and maybe a chair. The main advantage of it is that you never depend on the weather and natural lighting. Besides, changing the outfit will be much more comfortable in the studio.

Despite its simplicity, a solid-colored backdrop can be used with colorful filters. They help to make it more unusual or create an image in a common color scheme.

Outdoor locations

If you are ready to consider an outdoor photo session for your business portrait, make sure the weather is good. Thanks to the climate, Charleston is an amazing place for outdoor shooting. The weather is simply magnificent most of the year. Thus, you can easily choose the day for your outdoor photo session. The shooting can be arranged almost everywhere. In general, we divide the locations into three groups.

Parks and plantations are always camera-friendly. They are full of natural beauty. Although the main focus of the portrait is the person, the green background is also an important part of the photo. It makes the picture so vibrant and alive, you can’t take your eyes off it. Together with the lush greenery, you may see some blooming plants. They can also bring more color to the picture. Besides, there are plenty of different benches, so you can comfortably sit on them while being photographed.

The city downtown is another option for the photo session. This one can look sharper due to the architectural features of some buildings. For example, if there are some geometrical patterns or other sophisticated features, we can take an elegant, balanced photo.

The most neutral backdrop can be found on the seashore. The beach indeed consists of the soft colors: blue sky, navy ocean, beige sand. When you see water in the picture, it makes a difference. Water tends to add a lot of volume and freshness to the photos. Choosing a waterside for your photo session, do not forget about the wind that is usual for such places.

Making up your mind, think about the result you would like to get. Working with our professional team, you will always be satisfied with the result. Regardless of the location you chose.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer