Welcome to Charleston Photo Art’s guide to the most enchanting proposal locations in Charleston! With over a decade of experience in capturing these precious moments, I’ve curated a list of 50 stunning locations, perfect for popping the question. Whether your partner dreams of a historic downtown setting, a serene garden, a picturesque park, a romantic beach, or a charming waterfront, Charleston has it all. I’ve grouped these locations for your convenience and included essential details to help you plan your ideal proposal. So, let’s explore these magical spots together!

Charleston Iconic Downtown Locations

The American Theater:

Capture the romance of ‘The Notebook’ with a proposal at the American Theater. For a personalized touch, arrange a custom sign on the theater’s marquee. This spot is in a busy area, so consider a weekday morning or evening for a more intimate setting. Details for custom arrangements can be found here

Pink House:

Ideal for a Charleston historic-inspired proposal, the Pink House is a timeless landmark on a serene street. Available throughout the year, it offers a picturesque setting for your special moment. Its proximity to other scenic locations in Charleston also makes it perfect for capturing beautiful photos post-proposal.

Philadelphia Alley:

Perfect for an intimate Charleston alley proposal, this serene spot offers a picturesque view from Queen Street. It’s quiet ambiance makes it ideal for a discreet, yet memorable proposal, with opportunities for stunning photographs afterwards. Available year-round, it’s a timeless choice for your special moment.

Mills House:

A quintessential Charleston landmark, the Mills House with its distinctive pink façade, stands as a perfect venue for proposals, radiating historic charm. Its year-long accessibility ensures that you can choose this picturesque location for your proposal in any season.

Rainbow Row:

As Charleston’s most frequented landmark, Rainbow Row offers an iconic and colorful backdrop for proposals. To ensure a more private and serene moment, consider planning your proposal for early mornings or weekdays, when the vibrant stretch is less crowded with tourists.

St. Michael’s Alley:

Known as one of Charleston’s most romantic spots, St. Michael’s Alley creates a captivating proposal setting with its dramatic Italian Cypress trees. This charming alley is an ideal choice for a memorable and picturesque moment.

Longitude Lane:

Nestled between Church and Meeting Street, Longitude Lane is a hidden gem adorned with stunning entrances and lush foliage. The cobblestone path adds to its romantic allure, making it an idyllic spot for a heartfelt proposal.

Pineapple Fountain:

Situated in Joe Riley Waterfront Park, the Pineapple Fountain stands as an iconic symbol of Charleston. It’s a favored spot for proposals, offering stunning views at sunrise. Accessible throughout the year, this location combines natural beauty with the charm of the city.

Hart Garden:

Tucked behind St. John’s Reformed Church on Anson Street, Hart Garden offers an enchanting setting for proposals, marked by its distinctive iron gate. Planning a proposal in this serene garden requires a reservation, ensuring a private and intimate experience. For more information and to reserve, visit here

South Carolina Aquarium:

For a truly unique proposal experience, the South Carolina Aquarium offers an underwater world as your backdrop. This distinctive venue requires a reservation, providing an exclusive and memorable setting for your special moment. Plan your aquatic-themed proposal by visiting this link.

The Cistern – College of Charleston:

Renowned for its beauty and romantic ambiance, The Cistern at the College of Charleston is an ideal spot for proposals. To ensure a more private and serene moment, it’s advisable to check the college’s event schedule beforehand to avoid times of high foot traffic.

The Dewberry:

Elevate your proposal with the stunning backdrop of The Dewberry’s rooftop. Ideal at sunrise or sunset for a truly magical setting, this location requires a reservation to ensure an exclusive and unforgettable experience. To arrange your rooftop proposal, visit the Dewberry’s website.

Wentworth Mansion:

As one of Charleston’s premier hotels, Wentworth Mansion offers the Rooftop Cupola, a dreamlike setting for proposals. The breathtaking view adds a touch of grandeur to your special moment. Ensure this picturesque spot by making a reservation at Wentworth Mansion.

Harborview Inn:

Boasting one of the few rooftop views overlooking Charleston’s waters, Harborview Inn presents a stunning setting for rooftop proposals. To secure this breathtaking location with its panoramic vistas, a reservation is necessary. Plan your scenic rooftop proposal by visiting Harborview Inn.

20 South Battery:

For those seeking a serene and intimate setting, 20 South Battery offers a charming garden ideal for proposals. This tranquil spot within the hotel grounds is perfect for a private and romantic moment. To ensure exclusivity, reservations are needed and can be made here.

The Gibbes Museum of Art:

Offering an elegant backdrop of art and culture, The Gibbes Museum of Art is available for proposals during its operating hours. Choose the museum’s courtyard for a spontaneous, reservation-free setting, or opt for a more planned proposal inside the museum, which requires a reservation. For details and to book the museum space, visit The Gibbes Museum of Art.

Custom House:

For a proposal imbued with urban charm and historical significance, the Custom House stands as an ideal location. This majestic building provides a grand setting, especially suitable for days when weather may be a concern, offering shelter while maintaining its impressive ambiance.


Charleston, renowned for its culinary scene, offers a plethora of charming cafés, restaurants, and rooftop bars perfect for a proposal. Each location boasts its unique ambiance, from cozy and intimate to grand and scenic. Once you’ve selected the ideal spot, it’s recommended to contact them directly to inquire about availability and any specific requirements for your special occasion.

Parks in Downtown Charleston

White Point Garden:

White Point Garden: A favored spot for proposals in Charleston, White Point Garden offers a picturesque public park setting. Its diverse photo opportunities, including the scenic Battery, make it a top choice for capturing your special moment. The garden is always open to the public, but for those wishing to reserve the gazebo for a more private experience, you can do so here. For a comprehensive look at proposals I’ve captured at this location, visit my full guide.

Hampton Park:

Celebrated as one of Charleston’s most enchanting parks for proposals, Hampton Park dazzles with its year-round beauty. This lush landscape, adorned with vibrant flowers, ancient oaks, and Spanish moss, creates a romantically picturesque setting. For a more personalized proposal, consider reserving the gazebo. Reservation details here. Explore more about proposing in this verdant haven in our comprehensive guide.

Wragg Mall:

A tranquil retreat from the bustling city, Wragg Mall offers a peaceful park setting ideal for proposals. Its quiet ambiance, shaded by old oaks and adorned with elegant fountains, provides a serene and picturesque backdrop away from the usual tourist paths.

Cannon Park:

Known for its unique architectural feature of four grand columns, Cannon Park presents a distinctive and majestic backdrop for proposals. This setting combines historical elegance with a touch of grandeur, making it an unforgettable spot for your special moment.

Chapel Street Fountain:

Situated in Vangie Rainsford Park, Chapel Street Fountain offers one of the most intimate settings for a proposal in downtown Charleston. Its serene ambiance and charming fountain create a private and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a heartfelt engagement.

Marion Square:

Boasting a variety of picturesque spots, Marion Square is a fantastic location for proposals. Particularly noteworthy is the presence of the city’s Christmas tree, making it an ideal setting for a magical holiday-themed proposal.

Washington Square:

Nestled amidst historic buildings and churches, Washington Square offers a quintessentially Charleston setting for proposals. Its cobblestone streets and architectural charm provide a picturesque and timeless backdrop for a romantic moment.

Pier at Brittlebank Park:

Offering tranquility and stunning views of the Ashley River and the Memorial Bridge, this pier is a serene setting for a proposal. Its peaceful ambiance, coupled with the spectacular sunset views, creates an idyllic backdrop for a memorable engagement.

Colonial Lake:

This charming park features a scenic walkway alongside the water, making it a delightful spot for proposals. Its dog-friendly atmosphere is perfect for those wishing to include their furry companions in their special moment.

Parks and Plantations outside of Downtown Charleston

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens:

Envision a proposal under an avenue of majestic old oaks, a setting that exudes classic Southern romance. Featured in ‘The Notebook’, this plantation offers a truly cinematic backdrop. Note that only photographers with a special pass are permitted for sessions here. As a holder of this pass, I can help you arrange a magical photo session. Discover all the stunning spots at Boone Hall in our detailed guide.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens:

Celebrated as Charleston’s most romantic garden, Magnolia Plantation is a year-round paradise for proposals, with springtime’s blooming azaleas adding extra magic. To capture your moment in these enchanting gardens, a reservation and photography fee are required. Plan your visit here and explore the ideal spots for proposals in our comprehensive guide.

Middleton Place:

Known for its landscaped gardens and the picturesque Butterfly Lake, Middleton Place offers an exquisite setting for proposals. Reservations and a proposal fee are necessary. Winter proposals are particularly stunning with the camellias in bloom. Consider an after-hours proposal to coincide with a romantic dinner at their on-site restaurant. Make your reservation here and explore the best proposal spots in our detailed guide.

Cypress Gardens:

Inspired by ‘The Notebook’ movie’s iconic boat proposal, Cypress Gardens offers a dreamy setting. Admission is all you need to access this enchanting location. If you wish to include a boat ride, plan your proposal before 3 pm for the ultimate experience.

Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site:

Admission is your ticket to the beauty of this historic site, which features a stunning avenue of oaks and a variety of picturesque backdrops. Whether you’re seeking a historic ambiance or a tranquil natural setting, this site offers a blend of both, making it a versatile choice for your proposal.

Angel Oak Park:

Angel Oak is renowned as one of the most-popular proposal spots in the United States. This park boasts one of the world’s most beautiful trees. To plan your proposal at this iconic location, reservations are a must, and it’s important to be mindful of timing limitations. Contact the park directly here.

Charleston Tea Garden:

For a unique proposal idea, consider the Charleston Tea Garden, where you’ll be surrounded by lush tea bushes. This charming location is accessible during regular hours, making it a distinctive choice for your proposal.

Avant Garden Park:

Nestled in the picturesque I’On neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, Avant Garden Park offers a setting reminiscent of Venice with its beautiful lakes and canal. It’s an ideal location for a unique and romantic proposal.

Daniel Island:

Located in the City of Charleston, Daniel Island offers a wealth of natural beauty, including beautiful trails, parks, and majestic oak trees, creating an idyllic setting for your proposal. It’s a perfect choice for a boardwalk-inspired proposal.

Golf Course:

If you have a love for golf, consider a proposal on one of Charleston’s picturesque golf courses. Charleston provides excellent opportunities for golfing enthusiasts, making it a great idea for a unique proposal.

Old Village:

Explore the charming Old Village, a part of Mount Pleasant that offers a glimpse of gorgeous historic homes, small-town-like shops, and unique dining experiences. It’s a delightful setting for a memorable proposal.


Isle of Palms:

Consider a romantic beach proposal on the Isle of Palms, where you’ll find sandy dunes, a picturesque wooden pier, and breathtaking sunrises. Keep in mind that it can get busy during weekends in the summer and major holidays.

Folly Beach:

Experience a beach proposal on Folly Beach, offering a serene coastal setting. However, please be aware that it can get crowded during weekends in the summer and major holidays.

Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve:

For a truly unforgettable proposal, consider the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve, where you can propose in front of the iconic Morris Island Lighthouse. This location offers a beautiful beach, stunning dried trees, and unforgettable sunsets.

Kiawah Island:

This beach resort is an ideal destination for a romantic proposal. Explore the island on bikes and enjoy a picturesque picnic while you pop the question.

Harbor/river view

Shem Creek:

It is a popular waterfront dining and drinking district known for its panoramic views of the marsh and Charleston. It’s a picturesque spot with shrimp boats docked and a chance to spot dolphins. Whether you choose a park or the boardwalk, it’s a charming location for your proposal.

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum:

For a unique and military-inspired proposal, consider Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. This historic museum offers a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your special moment.


Charleston provides great options for waterfront proposals. Consider a private sailboat, a luxurious yacht, or a romantic boat tour to make your proposal unforgettable. Here are some options we’ve had experience with:

Charleston Sailing Charters,

Aqua Safaris,

Charleston Harbor Tours

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park:

For a proposal with the iconic Ravenel Bridge as your backdrop, this location is simply unbeatable. This park features a beautiful pier, lush greenery, and panoramic views, making it an ideal spot for a memorable proposal.

Charleston City Marina:

If you’re looking for a marine-inspired proposal, the Charleston City Marina offers a stunning setting with beautiful views of the Ashley River and the marina itself. The boardwalks and docks create a picturesque backdrop for a romantic moment.

Waterfront Park Pier:

Nestled within Joe Riley Waterfront Park, the Waterfront Park Pier offers a unique proposal location with the added advantage of a covered area, making it a great choice even on rainy days. The pier provides a stunning view of the harbor and the iconic bridge, creating a picturesque setting for your special moment.

Public Pier:

Situated near Joe Riley Waterfront Park, the Public Pier boasts a beautiful view of the Ravenel Bridge and the picturesque harbor. It’s a charming spot to consider for your proposal, offering a backdrop that captures the essence of Charleston’s waterfront beauty.

Pitt Street Bridge:

Nestled in Ocean Walk at Pitt Street Bridge Park, this location offers a unique palmetto tree-inspired setting for your proposal. It’s an ideal spot for a romantic sunset proposal, creating a memorable and picturesque moment.

This comprehensive guide covers the most idyllic locations for your dream proposal in Charleston. As your dedicated Charleston marriage proposal photographer, I’m here to offer suggestions, assist in planning, and capture your unforgettable moment. Our company also provides various proposal packages to suit your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance in planning your perfect Charleston proposal, don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s make your proposal as magical as your love story!

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