01  Fountains
02  Beach
03  Bridge
04  Park
05  With pets
06  Piers and embankment
07  Chalkboard
08  Downtown
09  Gazebo
10  Aquarium

Finally, the day you’ll be engaged, is coming! The precursor to the actual event, engagement photography is what helps to show the couple’s spark with each other and creates widespread awareness of their upcoming wedding. 

Task number one is to make this day incredible and absolutely yours. This is the time of self-expression, fun and passion. Let yourself follow your feelings, and we will help make your photo session even better! 

  1. Fountains

Even the most indifferent person will be impressed by the diversity and design of fountains in Charleston! Therefore, we are absolutely sure there is the fountain that will win your heart.Beautiful background, lighting, romantic atmosphere will make your photos incredible and, definitely, worth shooting them. 

However, you should remember that fountains are popular and can be crowded, so it is better to consult about the best time of your engagement photo session with a photographer.

  1. BEACH

Beaches are known for their views: the ocean, sand, dunes, clouds and the sky. Whatever the weather is it will be in all its beauty. However, the best time for shooting is so-called the “golden hour” – in the early morning or before a sunset. Believe us; you will be impressed by these magnificent colors.

  1. bridge

What are the advantages of bridges? Well, firstly, all photos taken on the bridges are interesting and unusual. Secondly, beautiful views of water. And, finally, you can’t even believe how much you will be inspired. Seriously, bridges do magic.

  1. PARK

Parks are perfect for connoisseurs of nature and calmness. Here you can always find a place where will be few people. Moreover, what a beautiful picture you can get during blossoming of flowers! Definitely worth shooting it!


Whether you and your partner share a beloved pet or you can’t imagine yourself without your childhood pup, there are plenty of ways to make your favorite animal part of your wedding day. From dogs and cats to more unexpected four-legged friends like goats and elephants, you’ll be surprised (and delighted!) by all of the creative ways couples are incorporating their pets into their engagement photo session.

  1. Piers and embankment

It is impossible to find more romantic atmosphere. All photos are overflowing with feelings and emotions. Piers and embankment are perfect for the couples, who believe that “romance” is not just a word.

  1. Chalkboard

Chalkboard is a simple and at the same time original piece of decor that will make your engagement unusual and give the holiday a cozy atmosphere. It perfectly fits design of a summer engagement. The most important thing is to choose a beautiful font, to come up with a funny inscription and an interesting design. 

  1. Downtown

Downtown impresses with its diversity and finds an approach to everyone! There are beautiful and interesting places with rich history; but, more importantly, you can always find a nice corner that will remind of your first date or any other significant moment. 

  1. Gazebo

As if it appeared from a fairy tale this place is an amazing choice for your engagement. Gazebos seem to have come out of romantic books and films and exist to make your special day more incredible. 

  1. Aquarium

To be honest, the most exciting place where we shot photos! And, believe us; neither we nor the couple regretted it for a minute. All photos turned out to be interesting and exotic. Moreover, we had a great time! Finally, an engagement is only your time, so relax and do not forget to enjoy it! Photos rely on us. 

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer