The greatest event of your life is upcoming? Time to think of what photos you’d like to view many years on when flipping through a wedding photo album and remembering your engagement! You know, I understand it like nobody else how time-consuming all the wedding preparations are. Therefore, to save your time and to inspire you a little, I’ve prepared more than 60 ideas for an engagement photo session in Charleston that have proven their efficiency for decades already! (Judging from my own experience). Please, pick up the one you like the most, or choose a few ideas to combine, or feel free to suggest your own. I’m always game!

You can hardly imagine how many venues Charleson has and how variable photos we can take here. The old city pleases our eyes literally at every step, starting with flowering trees, going through beautiful doors, staircases and storefronts, ending up with marvelous views at the ocean or the city from a bird’s eye view. Actually, most of these 61 ideas for a successful engagement photo session are to some extent related to one of the following districts of Charleston:

  • 1. Downtown, with its old streets and ancient buildings;
  • 2. Beaches, with its breathtaking near-water beauty;
  • 3. Plantations & parks, with all the greenery and places of interest inside.

I’ve explored Charleston far and wide to find the most fabulous venues, and it will be my pleasure to get you to any of them and realize an unforgettable photo session for sincere sweethearts in love. So, go ahead! Get acquainted with different prospective scenarios and choose the ones to your liking!

1. Beaches

A beach has always been an inspiring, romantic setting for catchy photos. You can walk barefoot along warm sandbanks, admiring heartening waves. Just imagine: you’re holding the hands of your beloved one, exchanging amorous glances… A spanking breeze is playing with your hair. And I’ll capture this cute moment full of tenderness so that later you remember your engagement with warmth and joy. (By the way, don’t forget to think about a strong hair fixation if the idea’s to your liking!)

Frankly speaking, there’s plenty of opportunities for taking stunning photos on a beach. Luckily for us, Charleston has a few perfect beaches where we could realize them. Think of Isle of Palms! I’d say this is the best choice - not only is the location just what we need, but it also has a lot of parking spots (one pain in the neck less). Some other picturesque venues can be found on Folly Beach and Kiawah Island. If you have any other beach on your mind, tell me and we’ll explore it for nice backgrounds. Or maybe you’d like to rent a house on the beach… that’s another super idea for memorable pics, isn’t it?

2. Historic District of Charleston

Just imagine how many fateful moments has Charleston witnessed… Not in vain, it’s the oldest city in South Carolina. Though antique, its architecture impresses! And, by the way, it creates a perfect setting for a photo session! So why not capture another upcoming landmark milestone here - your engagement?

You could admire the attractions of Meeting Street, exchanging a few flirty words against the amazingly designed buildings. Or enjoy walking along cobblestone streets. It would be an amazing shot if you stopped by a nice-looking gallery of Broad Street to take your sweetheart in your arms. Or if you gave yourselves to the romantic vibes on Church Street and kiss... And I’ll be right there, catching all the soul-stirring moments!

3. Parks and Plantations

No secret that parks and plantations are popular locations for engagement and elopement photo sessions. Notably, Charleston is replete with them. White Point Garden, Hampton park, Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place, Cypress Gardens - any of them can easily become a magnificent background for your lovely couple. Simply stand near the huge few-hundred-old trees and the shadows of their branches will create a cool play-of-colors effect for your photos. Besides, well-groomed bushes and seasonal flowers add romantic vibes to the setting.

4. Mobile Home

Are you, guys, avid travelers? Super! Why not taking memorable shots in your mobile home? Firstly, it’s an unusual idea for an engagement photo session in Charleston, so you’ll definitely get exclusive shots. Secondly, such pics will depict your lifestyle in detail. Such a small place, your second home, where you’ve spent an array of unforgettable moments together. (And this eventful day may become one of them!) Be sure, a cute, cozy atmosphere is guaranteed. So, if you’re planning a trip, let’s kill two birds with one stone!

5. Spanish Moss

What romantic photos you can get if you hug your sweetheart against Spanish moss somewhere in Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place, or Charles Towne Landing! Pictures, taken in such a setting, convey a feeling like they were taken a few centuries ago… It’s hard to imagine Charleston without Spanish moss. Indeed, there are plenty of cute photo zones in the city. Just let’s find the one to your liking and I’ll shoot you, amorous twosomes, kissing in a hideaway. An incredible idea for your engagement photo session, isn’t it?

6. Arches & Gates

Luckily for us, Charleston is replete with arches and gates. Why luckily? Because they’re just awesome backgrounds for engagement photo sessions, trust me! Arches and gates in pictures create a sensation of a frame within a frame. And what’s that they focus all the attention on? Sure, on you two, lovebirds. Embrace near the gate in Charles Towne Landing or fling the historic Charleston Gates in Downtown open, then exchange loving glances, and we’ll capture this endearing moment forever!

7. At a Run

Elated by love and passion, you’re running holding your hands without taking off your eyes from each other… This moment always looks superbly and not in vain. When running, it’s difficult to fully control your emotions. This is why such photos convey the most sincere emotions and feelings. And this is exactly what any engagement photo session aims to. Another pro of such an idea is that we can realize it at any venue, be it downtown Charleston, a beach, park, or wherever! We could even go to a symbolic for your couple place like where the sacramental “Yes” has been said.

8. Sparklers

Well, well… If you want to remember your engagement as a pretty festive event, sparklers, fireworks, and colored smoke will add the vivacity you need, for sure. They make your photos juicy and unusual. The only precaution is to agree on their usage in advance. It’s important to choose the venue in Charleston where the fireworks aren’t forbidden to make sure it’s safe to use them.

Another detail to agree on beforehand is the time. It’s obvious that colored smokes look impressive in the daytime but sparklers definitely need darkness to work out the best for your photos. So, if we take into account these factors, we’ll get amazing photos that not only depict your heart eyes but eye-catching effects as well.

9. Old Trees

Centuries-old bystanders of so many passionate kisses… Huge trees look spectacular in photos! What’s cool is that we can find plenty of them in Charleston! For instance, we could arrange your engagement or elopement photo session in Hampton park, Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place, or any other venue that comes to your mind.

Huge trees will create a nice background if you stand beyond them and their branches form an arch above you two, lovebirds. But it’ll look equally perfect if you stand near such a huge tree’s roots leaning against its trunk. In fact, trees symbolize steadiness and strength. I believe charging with their energy will do good to your couplehood!

10. In Water

What lovely engagement photos you’ll receive if dare to get a little wet! Of course, this idea suits better when it’s warm in Charleston, let’s say from May till September. But if you’re fine with getting soaked when it’s a bit chilly, let’s do it whenever you want to! A kissing couple looks so romantic against the roughing waves or calm water expanse. You can choose between the seashore, a riverbank, a lake, or a pond - any of them will become a winning setting for your photo session. Some places even enable you to take a quick shower there, so just bring a towel!

If this idea attracts you, I have a handy tip for you. Think properly about your make-up so that the drops don’t affect it and nothing spoils your elated mood. P.S.: Don’t forget about a thermos with hot tea to warm you up!

12. Bicycles

It’s super that two ardent active lifestyle supporters have found each other! Why not use this as a unique attribute for your engagement photo session? You could take a bicycle trip along the beach or somewhere in downtown Charleston. No doubt, you’ll get exclusive pics and you’ll look heartily natural in them, trust me!

Just ride merrily, enjoy the beauty around, admire each other, and I’ll capture these cool moments in motion. Stop by closely to exchange gentle kisses or hugs, and these scenes will add tons of tenderness to the shots.

Fancy the idea but have no bicycle? No problem at all! Be sure I know the place where we can rent them and bring this interesting idea to life.

13. Storefront

Think of downtown Charleston… How many shops this historic district of the city can boast of! Many of them were established a few decades ago and have witnessed hundreds of events happening on those streets. Inspired by them, the storefronts were specifically designed to convey the spirit. They’re very diverse, so we’ll find lots of variable backgrounds for your engagement photos there.

A storefront can be a perfect framing for the shots. Just stand against it, hugging or kissing, and I’ll focus on the right angle to imprint that cute scene. Another idea for incredibly touching photos is to shoot the bride by a wedding boutique. When she’s looking at a beautiful bridal gown and imagining herself in it. Such photos will convey your deepest sincere emotions from anticipation for years ahead!

14. Mural Painting and Graffitis

Can you imagine a modern city without street murals these days? I doubt it! More and more walls, fences, stones, etc. are getting covered with graffiti. And, you know, Charleston is no exception. They’re just left and right in downtown and seafront parts of the city! This urban trend works amazingly as a photo session background and, what’s peculiar, the photos turn out to be really impressive and bizarre. If you both are artistic personalities and such an art movement makes your eyes glare with excitement, let’s go for a pleasant walk along beautiful streets and take fantastic engagement photos.

15. Doors

Open the doors to a new romantic reality for your couple. Take a decisive step forward together… Can you see what a deep sense the idea can symbolize? Indeed, huge doors behind crushes is the background many couples prefer for their engagement photo sessions. And not in vain, I should say. In fact, we can make play with different scenarios here. You can exchange sweet nothings standing framed by beautifully decorated with flowers and plants doors. Or you can sit on the doorstep expressing the rush act to each other. By the way, you’ll lift the game by wearing appropriate clothing that matches the decorations. The pics will be sweet and romantic. Especially if the doors you choose are decorated with gas lamps.

What makes this idea special is that all the doors you can come across in Charleston reflect its spirit. Though there are dozens of them on the streets, they all are specific and worthy of stopping by to take a cute picture.

16. Dried-up Trees

Dried-up trees look rather extraordinary in photos. And not only in photos, by the way! In real life, they look stunning! Let’s go to Botany Bay. Its beach is covered with dead trees growing right from the sands, and the view dazzles indeed. The trees draw admiration by their variability, twist, and uniqueness. You can either lean against any of them, or lie down under or on them, or hug each other standing against the Morris Island Lighthouse. In any scenario, with such a background, you’ll definitely get unique engagement photos.

You’ve already seen that Charleston is the city with amazing venues for memorable photo sessions, haven’t you?

17. Details pictures

Wow, your engagement is just around the corner! Can you imagine that? Touchy-feely sensations are already there, aren’t they? And the detail of paramount importance is… Guess what? Your rings, exactly!

I’d like to emphasize that taking a couple of detailed pictures is the key to an ideal photoset. It’s true because they create a superb atmosphere and mood. So, don’t tell me that I haven't warned you in advance coz I’m doing this right now - please take care of your manicure so that you don’t hide your hands from my camera lenses, and we capture a tender moment of your ringed hands holding together.

Still, though rings are of greatest importance, they are not the only detail worth paying attention to. In fact, we can play with any meaningful for you object or just a nice attribute for a photo. Oh, there’s another advantage of this idea - the photo session can be held at any part of Charleston.

18. Dunes

You may wonder: “Why are dunes a perfect idea for my engagement photo session?” Well, that’s obvious.

Dunes are remote, secluded places by water. While being there, you’re far from a big city life fuss, so you can forget about a daily routine and just enjoy yourselves. A fresh breeze will blow away all the worries, and the grass on the hills will appeal to the eye, soothing your mood. It’s a pretty picturesque idea, I should say. And your beloved couple reclining on the hills against the background of an excessively beautiful sunset will look so romantic!

19. Pets

Are you pet lovers? Great! Invite your fluffy family member to the engagement photo session. It will make your photos so lovely and cuddly. You can smother with caresses both the pet and each other! The effect will be equally super. You can also play around with your furred friend and I’ll take pictures of all of you in motion. The pics will be very vivid and funny.

This idea is super flexible because you can choose literally any venue in Charleston, be it a beach, plantation, or downtown area. But, as my experience shows, animals are getting tired of posing very soon so it would be helpful if you brought another your friend, a two-legged one, to the photo session so that they take care of your pet while we are shooting your couple separately.

20. Fences

Well, the variety of fences in Charleston shocks, in a good sense of the word, of course. We come across rather graceful ones literally everywhere! What I’ve noticed is that pointed metal fences look splendid as a background for lovely photos. I’d even say they add a note of aristocratism, antiquity, and some mystery to them. Brick or concrete fences will work out equally well in this regard, I believe. In the end, you’ll get incredibly captivating engagement shots if you make a play for each other against such a setting.

21. Cobblestone Streets

This is what conveys the spirit of the city like no other! Sorry to say it, but there are not so many cobblestone streets left in Charleston. Luckily for you, there are a few places on my mind where we could arrange an amazing engagement photo session for your lovely couple.

Maiden Lane, Philadelphia Alley, Chalmers Street, Gillon Street, N. Adgers Wharf, S Adger's Wharf, Longitude Lane have still preserved the roads paved with cobblestone or bricks. And do you know why this works out great for us now? This is all about the effect the cobblestone streets create in photos! Caught under the right focus, they’ll reflect the sunlight and the colors around. They will glow as brightly as you two will from happiness! By the way, these paved roads are not only an interesting background for quality pictures, of course. During and after the photo session, you’ll chance to enjoy walking the streets admiring the marvelous city we live in.

22. Stones

Grab an epic idea for a romantic photo session - the stones on the beach! Truly epic, isn’t it? Yeah, I know what you may think of - there are no rocky coasts in Charleston, are there? Well, it sounds reasonable BUT we can still find a few cliffed places which will serve as a super background for your engagement photos. Believe me, it’s true.

There’s a very cozy venue with a view of the Morris Island Lighthouse. Looks fantastic, indeed, especially in the evening. Notably, the breakwaters perform their role greatly! The calmness of the water looks so still and comforting that observing it absorbs you in a specific atmosphere and mood. These emotions, together with the beautiful rocky setting, are exactly what we need to take impressive photos of.

23. Cafe

Not far to seek, actually, any cafe, bar, or restaurant can serve as an ideal venue for your engagement photo session. You’ve been together for quite a while already. So you must have a favorite place to eat out or have a drink, don’t you? Or maybe you’ve met your significant other in a cozy cafe nearby? It can easily work in our favor.

Frankly speaking, this is a splendid idea that can be brought to life in a rather creative manner. You must have noticed that all such public places in Charleston are uniquely designed. Many of them feature colorful, bright, stylish decorations. Many of them are thematic and have an explicitly unique design. And it’s of a really big value for taking interesting shots. By the way, your drinks and meals are also good props. So think of it! Why not mix business with pleasure?

24. Backlighting

Backlit images always look mysterious, romantic, and spectacular. I’d even say this is one of the most impressive ideas for your engagement photo session. Such photos seem to radiate the warmth of both the light and your sincere feelings. A very creative outcome is guaranteed, trust me!

What I’m talking about is that such photos are easy and fascinating to realize. Why easy? Coz they can be shot anywhere in Charleston! Why fascinating? Well, coz backlighting creates a very exclusive effect.

Girdle your beloved one’s waist against the sunset. Let the playful bundles of sunshine show up through your hair. Turn around, kiss your significant other gently. I’ll catch the right focus and imprint your silhouettes. The long shadows of other objects in focus will contribute to the special mood of the photographs. If you’re still reading this, then maybe it’s the very idea you’ve been looking for? Let’s try it out.

25. Carriage

A carriage ride is a truly unique and popular tourist attraction in Charleston. Engagement photo session with a carriage will become unforgettable! It’s a winning idea. First of all, you get an astonishing photo session. Second, you can enjoy a nice trip along the old Charleston streets with lordly horses pulling you ahead. You’ll no doubt dive in that atmosphere up to the hub! If you want to stand out among other lovely couples, the idea of renting a carriage is exactly what you need. You’ll get exceptional romantic photos that will be reminding you of the trip back to centuries for years!

26. Lying Down

Lying down it’s great idea for an engagement picture. We can create these nice pictures at your cozy house, or at any Charleston hotel, or on a sandy beach, or on the green grass. In any case, your engagement photos will look super effective! Just don’t forget to take a blanket if you prefer shooting outside. Your comfort is paramount!

So, here you’re. Two fallen-in-love sweethearts lying down pretty close to each other and sharing your inmost feelings. Bend your head to your significant other’s shoulder, kiss your better half’s hands, cheeks, forehead - these moments will look pretty tenderly in photos, trust me!

Oh, why not arrange a picnic, huh? It’s a cool complementary idea, isn’t it? Firstly, the basket, fruit and vegs, drinks will be remarkable props. Secondly, you’ll be able to enjoy the post-photo-session party. Personally, I love the idea!

27. Boats

With this idea in mind, let’s go to Cypress Gardens, for instance. A very nice venue in Charleston where we can rent a boat and take unforgettable engagement photos. The branchy trees reflecting in the still of water… The sunlight playing with the shadows… Bottom line is, the background will look breathtaking!

As for the boats, we can rent either a small one for your sweet couple and a shooter or a bigger one, in case you want to arrange a mini party in the company of your nearest and dearest. Why not, actually? There are the sail and motor boats available for up to twenty guests or so. You’ll definitely remember the day for a very, very long time, and the beautiful photos we’ll shoot will remind you of this stunning trip daily!

28. Cars

A new Range Rover or a unique vintage car? The choice is up to you, for sure! My task is to take high-quality photos of your engagement, and I’ll do this equally professionally with any background. Still, untypical settings do their part, agree? If you have your own car, awesome, let’s play it up. If not, let’s rent any to your liking, no problem at all.

You may think that a photo session in a car is too limited and monotonous. Nothing of the kind, I should say! We can bring to life a few scenarios against such a background. You can hold your hands and exchange glances, hugs, and kisses staying outside the car or leaning against it. You can pose a bit while opening the doors and helping your darling to get into the car. A few tender and even passionate shots can be taken inside the car, either on the back or front seats. Oh, yeah, one more astonishing scene will be when you get into the truck! Now you see how many variations of photos with cars can be realized?

29. Lighthouse

Morris Island Lighthouse… In fact, it’s a popular venue for engagement photo sessions in Charleston. Many couples are eager to get their romantic pictures taken against the ocean and the lighthouse. It kinda symbolizes the beginning of a new page in their love story. And it does make sense!

If you like the idea, we could take pictures at Folly Beach, for instance, a very beautiful location. It opens up the best view at Morris Island Lighthouse, by the way. Your task is simply to enjoy yourselves and mine - to capture the best moments. Sounds like a deal, doesn’t it?

30. Bridges

Well, Charleston without bridges is not Charleston. Luckily for us, this idea is very simple in realization since there are few big rivers in the city, so no problems with finding a bridge. Also there are many beautiful bridges on Charleston plantations and gardens. Let’s take the same Cypress Gardens, Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place - they all are extremely exciting and beautiful places for a productive photo session. Choose any and let’s go! By the way, bridges are also rather symbolic, aren’t they? You’re kinda connecting different stages of your relationship, bringing it to the next level. Just the right vibes for engagement day!

31. Musicians

Finally, music - the very thing that always sets an appropriate mood. Surround yourself with the melodic atmosphere buskers can present you with. Ask them to play your favorite song. Listen to the pleasant sounds of the musical instrument you like the most...and simply enjoy the vibes! Actually, you're lucky if you come across buskers at Charleston streets. This is the chance that many people miss because such performances are not so often occasions. However, if you really fancy the idea of arranging your engagement photo session among street musicians, I'll be your go-to guy. The thing is that I've built reliable business relationships with a few musicians. So we can easily cooperate with them to create an exclusive atmosphere for your photo session. If you're ready to try it out, just tell me that in advance and we'll get everything done.

32. Rooftop venues

The Restoration, Uptown Social, 45 Waterside, Hotel Bennett… Have you heard of these places in Charleston? Or maybe you've been to any of them? Then you know that this idea is well worth realizing! These rooftop venues open up an amazing view of the city. The mesmerizing airscape will be a perfect background for your engagement photo session. It's only you and the world seen from the birdseye view. A very powerful scene. The only issue to keep in mind is that its realization requires making some pre-arrangements. Essentially, we need to contact the administration in advance to get their contest for the photo session and agree upon the details. Once done, you can go and get ready for a wonderful day with your better half.

33. Greenery

Thank God, this idea can be brought to life at any time of the year. The peculiar climate doesn't let Charleston drop all the leaves from the trees and bushes and remain dull. The better for us! We can always take nice, tender photos against green settings. Be it your backyard or any plantation, Magnolia, Middleton, or any other. Notably, I use high-quality zoom lenses. Therefore, the background is really blurry and the main focus is put, of course, on your lovely couple.

34. Riverfront

Smooth, calming water, beautiful sky, lit-up promenade, and your radiant-with-love eyes in focus… I’m thinking about it and already imagining the best engagement photos against such a picturesque place. Especially the wonderful sunset reflecting in the stillness of the water… Interestingly, this all can be found in downtown Charleston! Very convenient and time-saving as we won’t have to hush to the distant beaches, no. Instead, we could take a few shots here and quickly move to another location somewhere in the heart of downtown, Joe Riley Waterfront Park, for instance, or White Point Garden

35. Traditional garment

National costumes are exactly what will make your photoset stand out among others.

If you are avid patriots of your homeland, express your devotion via a photo session in a traditional style. If you and your spouse represent different cultures, use the chance to express your individuality. Anyway, this is gonna be an unbelievable engagement you'll remember for the rest of your life. By the way, this idea may be complementary. What do I mean? We can divide the photo session into two parts. At first, we take nice photos of you wearing national costumes. By the way, their special features can work out great as extra ideas for posing. For instance, hold the tail of your dress or let the wind cause it to flutter, and it’ll produce a playful effect on the shots. When we get enough photos in the folk costumes, you can put on your fav clothes in any style you prefer.

36. Sunset

Oh, the sunset is the most desirable background for many couples. Besides, it’s the most preferable time for photo sessions. And not in vain, I should say. The sunset lights up the sky and it acquires marvelous coloration. But… there’s always a but. You never know what color the clouds will be and whether there will be clouds at all. Anyway, your engagement photos will be of the best quality against the sunset. We’ll use additional lighting to ensure it. So you can just enjoy yourselves, hug and kiss your significant other while admiring the picturesque view of either the ocean, or the plantation, or the city from rooftop venues. And I’ll take care of the rest. Indeed, there are plenty of cool venues in Charleson where we can capture impressive moments of your love story.

37. Reflection

Capturing reflection is one of the most challenging ideas to realize that demands both strong skills and high creativity from the photographer. If yours has them, you’re lucky. And you’re indeed because I’m pro in shooting couples reflected in mirrors, storefronts, ocean, puddles, or whatever in Charleston that can reflect. Such shots look amazingly stunning. They attract glances, attention, and admiration. So, yeah, if you wanna make your friends jealous, let’s bring the idea to life! They’ll be pleasantly impressed with such an engagement photoset, just like you.

38. Palms

There’re lots of nice venues in Charleston where we can come across and take shots against different kinds of palms. Think of the Pitt Street Bridge, the Isle of Palms Beach, and White Point Garden. These locations perfectly suit this engagement photo session idea. Pick up any you like and let’s go! For you to know, palms make up a rather interesting background. But since they’re pretty high, we’ll take distant pictures of you and your beloved one. A general setting will be great, don’t worry. Palms look especially cool if they’re rare in the region you come from. Th

39. Picnic

A nice idea for outdoorsy couples. Can be easily realized in different Charleston locations, starting with your backyard, going through a sandy beach to a grassy plantation. The choice is up to you, sweethearts. But don’t forget to think in advance of what props you’re gonna use and which snacks and drinks you’d like to enjoy after your engagement photo session is over. The coolest thing about the idea - again, you combine pleasant time spending with business but both parts are filled with deep romance. I’m happy indeed when taking photos of the outdoor people who have found each other and united their lives. They’re usually very lively and sincere. This is why we get awesome photos conveying true emotions.

40. Pier

Walk along a pier with your one and only holding hands and exchanging glances full of admiration, and… Here it is, a nice scenario for your engagement photo session in a beautiful location of Charleston! This is the scene that always looks romantic and simply amazing in photos. Being close to water, we’ll capture that picturesque view and it’ll serve as a great background for our photo session. If you two, lovely birds, aren’t afraid of maybe getting a bit wet, you can walk into the water by the pier barefoot, and we may also play up its base for interesting shots, either by leaning against it or hiding behind, for instance. If this idea is to your liking, we may think of some other poses for you that look splendid at the pier setting in advance!

41. Avenue of Oaks

Only a few miles away from historic downtown Charleson, there’s the splendiferous Avenue of Oaks. The well-kept, protected plantations, huge, solid 100-year-old oaks, and the arches the wonderful trees form - all these create an amazing background for your engagement photo session. Stand with your lovely spouse against vivid greenery, whisper something piquant to their ear and wait for a sincere reaction… Done, we’ve already got a few cool close-distance shots! Hold your hands while walking slowly under the arch. Simply embrace your beloved one and I’ll capture this cute moment against a blurry background for ages! Have a rest on a bench sitting as close as possible to each other. You see? We can experiment with different poses, play with the shades of the tremendous oaks and the light from the stylish lanterns established along the avenue… And in the end, you’ll get your dream photo set!

42. In the Rain

The weather is such a tricky notion! It may be sunny today but it doesn’t guarantee the same conditions for tomorrow. Though disappointing may it seem if it starts raining on your Big Day, that’s not the End of Days! Of course, you can’t postpone your engagement but… The two transparent umbrellas I carry in my car are always there - a beautiful one for beautiful you and another one for me. Let’s take them and proceed to a photo session you’ll never forget! This is indeed a splendid idea for adventurous lovers! If your love is so hot that you aren’t afraid of getting all wet through, go ahead! Let’s take amazing shots that will impress everyone with their uniqueness, creativity, and deepness. Gentle touches, hugs and kisses in the rain – they look awesome in photos. Besides, we could find a cozy gazebo (there are lots of them in Charleston) and take a few shots there… Agree, there may be a bit limited background but these pics will be a perfect complement to your shots in the rain. Anyway, I’m ready to souse to the skin with you and shake the goose pimples with deeply emotional photos of your newly built family. Just lemme know you want this!

43. In the Lantern Light

Wanna add drama and mystery to your photos to make them breathtaking? No biggie! Stand under the light of a street lantern, move closer to your beloved one, and freeze in a cute pose. Smile, you're on a “non-candid” camera! You’ll get impressive engagement shots, trust me. But the one thing we should care about is the shades. While posing lit by a lantern, you’ll need to express your pride for being each other’s partner. So turn up your noses! In all the senses. By lifting up your heads, you’ll diminish the shades on your faces. Don’t worry, I’ll help you choose the right poses but you could also think of a few winning ones in advance to get more creative shots. Worry that you may have to begin your engagement photo session late? Or you’re intentionally gonna do it in the night time? Okay, finding a lantern in Charleston is not a problem!

44. In his arms

Loving your partner to the moon and back? Wow… and are you ready to carry her in your arms the whole way there? Sweet… I love shooting that romantic couples. They are extremely sincere, and thus pleasant to look at. I know at least 10 poses of how a hunk can take up his pretty spouse in his arms! They all look very special and simply cool. Notably, you can choose any venue in Charleston you like as a background to realize this engagement photo session idea. However, it has one negative side, that is related to health. Therefore, I never make anyone bring to life the very shooting scenario and always ask the beloved ones if they are comfortable with this idea. So, if your back or knees ache, or there’s a risk to wake up some chronic diseases of bones or whatever, you’d better restrain from lifting your partner, no matter how strongly you love her.

45. Fire Station

The place that is probably found in any city and Charleston is no exception. But who could have thought of it as a good venue for an engagement photo session? Yeah, it may sound unexpectedly, but it’s a matter of fact. You DO can take cool photos at a fire station! And I’ll gladly help you with this. Intrigued? Splendid! So really impressive shots can be taken against a big red fire truck. The contrast of a massive vehicle and your gentle couple by its side will look rather interesting, I should note. Besides, some stations have in-built mini-museums of old fire-fighting machines and tools. So it would be super to take a few shots with their equipment as well. By the way, have you ever been to the North Charleston Fire Museum? No? This is an exclusive chance to visit it and leave the place with a unique photo set of your engagement. Think of it! You may like the idea if one of you is directly related to fire-fighting or if you appreciate fire-fighters finding their occupation noble indeed.

46. Props

Of course, as any professional photographer, I have a rich set of props. We can play any of them up to take exclusive photos of your unforgettable engagement. But you can also bring your own stuff and thus make the photo session more personal. Umbrellas, pillows, accessories, blankets, baskets, fruit, champagne, whatever - these all can work out great in photos! They will be unique and reflect your nature and your mood. Just think of something that conveys a deep sense for your couple, invokes pleasant emotions and makes you happier… Ready? Awesome! Then let’s take it to any venue in Charleston you like and take excellent photos!

47. Planes

Just like planes can lift you up very high and deliver wherever your soul desires, love takes you to the moon and back. Such a relative connection makes the idea of including planes in your engagement photo session awesome, doesn’t it? If you’re somehow connected to airlines or if flying is your passion, you’ll love the photos I can take for you against such a cool background. And no, the planes won’t be miles away from you in the sky, don’t worry. You may chance to pose to me right by their side. By the way, have you been to the largest museum in Charleston and South Carolina in general? I imply the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. We could go there and imprint unforgettable moments with the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in the background. How do you like the idea?

48. Silhouettes

Are you, love-birds, fond of sports? You love work-outs, and keep fit, and wanna emphasize your sporty figure? Excellent! I have nothing to say against it but to support you in this intention and take stunning pictures of you. Embracing gorgeous bodies look romantic and mysterious, especially against the sunset. All we have to do is to choose a place in Charleston that opens the best view of the setting sun. Let it be Folly Beach or White Point Garden, etc. Oh, one more thing. Think of your outfit in advance. You’d better stop on something form-fitting or a bit revealing. Under such conditions, you’ll get the most exciting engagement photos you could think of.

49. Benches

You’ll be impressed with the variety of branches the streets of Charleston can boast of. For you to know, there’s a bunch of “sitting” scenarios for a nice photo session. Of course, you won’t spend the whole engagement on a bench, relax. But a few shots realized as that will significantly vary your photo set. What I mean? Suppose you’ve chosen the Middletown Plantation, or the Avenue of Oaks, or any other park. A few benches will be definitely right there, waiting for a beloved couple to rest on them and pose for cute pictures! You can sit on any you like together, or one of you can stand behind holding their beloved one, or you can lean on the elbow rest, or whatever else comes to your mind. Let’s try to play it up! It will look great.

50. Old Buildings

Can you feel the notes of antiquity? I do because I know it pretty well that photos against buildings of the old Charleston streets will be awesome! And you know it, too, admit it. So we have a nice idea for a photo session. You have a good reason to bring it to life - it’s your engagement! The city, luckily, has more than enough ancient buildings that reflect its spirit and create a very special atmosphere. For instance, the Heyward-Washington House, Wentworth Mansion, Drayton Hall, etc. These and many other a few hundred-year-old buildings will greatly perform the role of a perfect photo session background. If you like these vibes… What are we waiting for?

51. Staircases

Though it may sound a little weird, you can get variable engagement photos if pose on the front stairs. I know at least a dozen ideas to realize there! And this is a rather convenient idea to realize. I’ll explain what I mean. If your significant other is shorter than you, they may locate behind you. Standing on a step above, you’ll seem to be of approximately the same height. You could also stand behind your partner if there’s something you’d like to conceal. Basically, you can stand or sit on the stairs either with your backs or faces to each other. Lean on your partner, touch them gently, hug and give them a kiss. These moments are so true and they’ll look amazing in photos. Especially, if you play up your outfit with the style of the staircase. Wonder where to find the right front staircases in Charleston? Not a problem. We may go along King Street, Church Street, Meeting Street and stop by any stairs your hearts will be attracted to.

52. Dancing

If you adore photos taken while you’re in motion, dancing is the best idea for that. Maybe, your couple has a special song that invokes pleasant emotions and memories? Its sounding would create lovely vibes for an unforgettable engagement photo session. If you’re not shy, you can pick any place in Charleston you like, be it downtown, beach, or any plantation. A dancing couple looks marvelous and very romantic against the sunset. A breeze will add extra effects that will make the scene amazing. It will play with your hair and a dress. Extremely romantic. So, as you see, this idea can be realized in different settings and this makes it even cooler.

53. Fountain

Okay, now get ready for another excellent idea for your engagement photo session! This time the story goes about… photos against beautiful fountains. The Pineapple Fountain in the Charleston Waterfront Park, the fountains at Marion Square, Belmond Charleston Place, and many others are 24/7 ready to become a part of your Big Day and remain imprinted in wonderful photos of your lovely couple. Some of them are rather old, which adds to setting a special atmosphere getting you back in time, whilst others are pretty new and inspire the vibes of novelty around. Choose what's closer to you and let's bring this excellent idea to life! You'll get amazing shots if I shoot through the water splashes. Standing in front of the fountain, you'll draw all the focus to yourself and thus you'll have a nice blurred background. It looks beautiful indeed.

54. Flowers in bloom

If you worry that this idea is too limited in time, stop it! Charleston pleases the eyes of its citizens and travelers with flowery venues practically all year round. We just need to find the right place and the right season plant. Such engagement photo sessions are especially popular in spring, the time when azalea bloom. Such a flowery background is eye-catching and winning if shot both at a distance or close-up. No doubt, these pink and white accents make photos extremely gentle. Every girl will love it, I’m sure. But azalea is not the only flowering plant in the city that can be involved in our photo session. There are also camelia, magnolia, crepe myrtle and many, many others

55. A Bouquet

Flowers are the first thing that comes to mind of someone wishing to present something romantic to their spouse. It's a clear sign of attention, affection, and sympathy. So simple, but girls are really fond of flowers! I guess there will definitely be a bunch of flowers on the day of your engagement. (Hopefully, it will be a bunch of your favorite ones. It will contribute significantly to the special mood we need for getting the incredible photo set you expect.) Therefore, we could use it to take stunning photos. By the way, without exaggeration, flowers are one of the coolest props for a successful photo session! In case you want a specific color scheme for the pics, you can play it up and select the outfit and the flowers of the same color gamut. It'll look interesting indeed. You know, this idea may be an interesting complement to any other you like. So just pick up which ideas you'd like to realize, select an appropriate venue in Charleston, and here we go!

56. Through Objects

This idea is based on a peculiar perspective when I capture you from a specific angle focusing on some eye-catching objects. This photo session style creates a sensation just as I’m peeping at you, sweet soulmates. Moreover, I can play up with focus and draw attention to different details. And this looks awesome! If you want to look at your engagement photos remembering the whole spectrum of emotions you felt on that day, the only things you should decide on is the venue in Charleston you want to associate it with and, maybe, which peculiar objects you would like to focus on, if any. That’s it!

57. Champagne

Splashes sprinkling from a bottle of champagne are always eyeful. The effect they cause is rather playful and fun. And you know? This is a perfect atmosphere for taking cool photos on your engagement. An excellent mood is guaranteed, as well as impressive pictures against any beautiful view at Charleston. By the way, champagne is one of the most popular props for photo sessions today. A bottle of bubbles will not only look nice in a picnic setting but will also create a specific effect when you shake and open it, especially when it happens unexpectedly at least for one of you. And if your couple shares the preferences for the sort of champagne, buy a bottle of your favorite one, and you’ll end up the photo session in a fabulous mood!

58. Balloons

What are the props that any party is usually associated with? Yeah, exactly, these are balloons. They look nice both separately, and massively, and especially in various shapes. By the way, I know a few specialists in Charleston who can make different figures from balloons and they do it at the highest level, trust me! If we involve them in the organization of your engagement, we’ll be able to take really unique shots that will remind you of that day for years ahead. Interested? Then tell me the date and the venue you prefer, and let’s arrange a romantic balloon photo session.

59. Elimination

Elimination always creates a magnetic effect. The setting is fabulous indeed! Especially, if we add neon illumination. By realizing this idea, you’ll get the best engagement photo session ever! Just decide on a cozy venue in Charleston, and we’ll make it shine brightly to create the most sparkling setting for excellent photos of your couple. Some eliminating props can be used as additional lighting rather than a full-fledged background. And, of course, if you prefer this amazing idea, we’ll need darkness to bring it to life successfully. Consider it, if you love everything unusual.

60. Gazebo

Beautiful gazebos are cute places for engagement photo sessions. They create a rather cozy and romantic atmosphere for two lovers to seclude themselves. Such gazebos can be easily found in White Point Garden, Magnolia Plantation, Hampton Park. Or maybe you already have a favorite place in Charleston with a nice gazebo on your mind? Taking pictures against that background would be splendid! We can take a few good shots outside, either at a distance or leaning on the gazebo. And then, you can pose to me from inside. Also, hiding inside is a great chance not to get wet through if it starts raining. An interesting idea, think of it.

61. Aquarium

Well, this idea is likely to work out super for true nature lovers. If you like the waterworld or your life is somehow connected to it, why not show this in photos? Engagement is a specific event. The more interesting idea for photos you select, the better memories you’ll live through when viewing them in the future. Moreover, I can tell you an aquarium is one of the most unique backgrounds. All these corals and fish, they make it mesmerizing! Luckily, Charleson has an incredible aquarium where we can arrange a photo session for a beloved couple. So, if you love the idea, tell me that asap!

Well, that's about it! In this article, I’ve suggested 61 ideas for an unforgettable photo session on your engagement day. Luckily, Charleston is an old beautiful city providing dozens of picturesque venues that serve as perfect backgrounds for nice photos. Hopefully, you’ll find these ideas interesting and want to bring some of them to life. Why am I saying “some”? Coz you don’t, actually, have to decide on the only scenario. Many of them can be easily mixed and, consequently, result in a unique photoset of you and your spouse getting engaged. Or you can still choose the one you prefer the most and get the most out of it! It’s up to you.

And one more thing, mind that I’m in no way trying to confine you to these 61 ideas. I’m giving you them to get inspired, that’s it. So if you have your own idea, or maybe you’ve dreamt of something specific for your whole life, and now when the Bid Day is approaching you want me to help you realize it, splendid! I'm game! Just let me know, and we’ll see what can be done.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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