What can be more romantic than secret engagement? That time I was given a chance to work as an engagement photographer with amazing couple, Christine and LeAndre, in White Point Garden.

This location is absolutely gorgeous. The beauty of the green trees and fresh air give the opportunity for a wonderful photo session. The atmosphere of the whole engagement and the couple is amazing!

As an engagement photographer my responsibility is to understand the couple and give them the best results. The work with these two amazing people was really a wonderful experience!

But let me tell you about the story of these two wonderful people.

I asked them about their first meeting and found out an interesting story! It was at their previous duty station overseas. (It already sounds romantic!) They worked together in close proximity as aircraft mechanics.

He was interested first and I sadly turned him down. I remember tried pretty hard to grab my attention but I respectfully declined on a few occasions until we eventually went our separate ways. We began speaking to each other again a couple of years later when I sent him a message over Facebook asking for a favor. After that we began to talk everyday and 6 months later we were engaged! We have been together almost 7 months,” – said Christine.

I assure you that the sparkles in the eyes of Christine and LaAndre you may see even through the photos! I am so pleased to have been working as an engagement photographer with such an amazing people! We were laughing and smiling. It was a pure wonderful!

Christine also added some nice and really touchable words about her love. “LeAndre is always one step ahead of me when it comes to the romantic side of thing. He surprises me with gifts and flowers all of the time!

 “I love how big his heart is. No matter what he does he always thinks about me and ensures my well being is taken care of. Like myself, he cannot wait to have children and live a prosperous life together. He’s extremely sweet and romantic and never ceases to amaze me!

I’m really glad that I have had an opportunity to meet this couple! Wish that the future holds only the happiest moments for you both.

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