The wedding day is full of many bright moments and, of course, everyone wants to feel all the magic happening around. First, we are talking about a wedding photo session! Wedding photos are the cover that opens the book of each family. Naturally, everyone thinks about a place that createsa pleasant, festive mood when people say to each other that priceless “yes”. It also happened with Alexa and Joshua.

There are many places where you can go with a photographer on your wedding day. The solemn event was in one of the best placesfor wedding photography in Charleston, in Hampton Park. Alexa and Joshua have been together for a long time. Looking at this couple, I immediately understood that wedding photos would be not only beautiful, but also full of respect and love of Alexa and Joshua to each other. It is interesting to note that parents on both sides worried no less than the newlyweds. It was very clear the wedding was desired and supported, and the atmosphere of love was literally in the air. I also want to note that Joshua as a bridegroom was in uniformand this fact brought its charm in many ways mostly thanks to where the photo session took place.

Photo session should be romantic and creative, so that after many years you can look at these beautiful photos with love and remember all the pleasant moments. Wedding photography in Hampton Parkis one of the best solutions for such a grand event as a wedding. Actually, Hampton Park is one of the most beautiful venues in Charleston. At the same time, the wedding event itself was perfect. It was the season when the park was full of flowers that delighted withits beauty, exquisite forms and an infinite range of different shades. Everyone has many good memories associated with fragrances, and flowers are one of the sources of such memories. The fragrance of the beautiful flowers surrounded Alexa and Joshua, and wedding photos will undoubtedly bring to mind this magical day.

Hampton Park as one of the best wedding venues with all its scenic landscapes. I cannot but mention that this wonderful place added even more charm to all the photos. Alexa mentioned that Charleston and Hampton Park were chosen not accidentally for a wedding photo session. Alexa and Joshua decided to get married in Charleston, because it is the place where Joshua is stationed for the Navy. They are really inspired by the area, especially the park with the giant trees. Me as a Charleston wedding photographer tried to fulfill all the desires of the newlyweds. Alexa and Joshua completely absorbed in the event and the fabulous atmosThphere that surrounded them. The newlyweds did not hesitate to show their emotions, because even the photos can show how much this couple loves each other.

Thank you for this amazing day!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer