November 1, 2020

First there was a smile… Then there was a friendship… And later there was a wedding. Exactly in this chronology the relationship between Ashley and Jason developed. And all this took place in the form of an office romance. Well, from this point, perhaps in more detail. Ashley and Jason met 5 years ago, they worked at the same restaurant. During this period they have been trying to know each other better, to open new sides of their relations, maybe to change something. Oh, it is so cool this bunny phase. First, the couple invited me to shoot their engagement, and later the wedding. They are so open, positively talkative, and they’ve really known what kind of wedding they want.

The solemn Аlhambra hall wedding took place on the 1st of November. It was the most wonderful wedding of two loving and wonderful people. The main heroes of this celebration, the bride and groom, were simply irresistible, with happy smiles and sparkle in their eyes. The bride was dressed in an embroidered white dress with an open bodice, which emphasized her wonderful forms that nature gave her.  Loose wavy hair was decorated with a long airy veil. Silhouette makeup perfectly emphasized her beautiful face and eyes. Very delicate jewelry, no massiveness. The bridal bouquet was created from pink, white and burgundy roses, intertwined with green hues. This wedding look deserves the cover of the most glamorous magazine, believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Just have a look at these brilliant Alhambra Hall wedding photos. The image of the groom is thought out to the smallest detail and tastefully – blue suit, grey vest, burgundy tie, white picket chief, and brown shoes. The groom’s friends wore blue suits and the bridesmaids wore ice blue dresses, all different styles. 

The newlyweds chose a wonderful place for the wedding – Аlhambra hall. This is one of the most stunning sunset photoshoots places as it is located by the bay. It feels like you are between heaven and earth while taking pictures. One more peculiarity of the place is the fact that it is placed in the heart of the Old Village Mount Pleasant. Interior of the Аlhambra Hall was decorated in autumn colors- burgundy and ice blue with wood themes. The hall itself is really very spacious, the white color of the walls contrasts perfectly with the wooden structure on the ceiling. A very romantic element of the decoration was small burning candles on the floor in glass vases.

The bride and groom stood near a small arch decorated with white roses and held hands during the ceremony. As a Mount Pleasant wedding photographer, I managed to capture this amazing and touchy moment. One of the most wonderful moments was the dance of the newlyweds with their parents, and by the way, Ashley looks just like her mother. The guests sat at beautifully served tables, in the center of each table were bouquets of fresh flowers and a decorative lantern with a candle. Dances, applause, contests, toasts, congratulations – there was just a splash of these amazing emotions at this Аlhambra Hall wedding

Venue | Alhambra Hall

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal

Hair + Makeup | Silhouette On Site

Catering | Lucky 17 Catering

DJ / Band | Gracious Day and DJ Josh Walker 

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer