What images does New Year’s Eve conjure? I am sure most of you will mention joy, happiness, waiting for a miracle. All of us believe that our life will change for the better. We celebrate this night annually, but every year it is special. What can make the wonderful moment more precious? Only to combine it with another happy event! Therefore, Proposal on new year’s eve will become the happiest and the most unforgettable moment of your life.

Nicolas wanted to organize the best secret engagement so he got in touch with me in advance. We decided on the place and time, made up with all the details. The man wanted his beloved to become the happiest bride in the world and i was supposed to capture it. We created a special signal to keep everything a secret till the right moment.

The woman’s reaction was beyond all expectations! Her happiness was so strong that it hardly could be described with words. Angel hid her face with hands but I noticed tears of happiness. Only such deep emotions can make photos look so wonderful and beautiful. It is a pleasure for Charleston engagement photographer to take them. Just look at the photo and you will feel her sincerity! 

When the touched and excited woman could speak, she shared the story of the couple’s first meeting, ‘We met through mutual friends. Went out for drinks. I was most attracted to his sense of humor. Although it wasn’t until Spring we went on our first date. It was seaside, sunny, nice breeze, grabbed some lunch and we haven’t left each other’s side since. We shared food, our lives story and a few kisses. I felt like I knew him my entire life. Looking back it was love at first sight’.

She wanted to make the moment more special and wrote a significant word «YES» on her palm. It looks so romantic, does not it? 

Nicolas chose an absolutely magnificent place for his secret proposal. The engagement photo session took place at Brookgreen Gardens. It is a large and diverse preserve that houses attractions to cater for all tastes. American sculpture exhibitions, beautiful natural gardens, unspoiled signs of history draw in visitors from all over the world. For me it was a great discovery! How marvelous can a pre-wedding photography be here!I do not imagine more fabulous venue for nicolas and angel’s engagement photo session in murrells inlet.Have a look at the picture and see for yourself! 

Another key feature of our beautiful photos was the event during what we went here. Brookgreen Gardens is always famous for its exuberant festivals. Colorful and lively holidays, hold here, will inspire even the most indifferent person. On my opinion, the brightest of them is Nights of a Thousand Candles. If you visit it you will get in a fairy tale. This marvelous festival creates an unrivalled romantic atmosphere, so important for charming shoots. Even usual hustle and bustle seemed special and joyful because of a captivating holiday feeling. 

It was a day full of positive emotions and productive work. The engagement photo session at Brookgreen Gardens turned out to be really wonderful. We did not only work but talked and laughed. The weather was quite cold so we got warm with great hot chocolate. Therefore, I was glad to know that the couple was satisfied with the result. They gave a short but warm feedback, ‘Absolutely charming. I would certainly recommend you to a friend’.

Thank you, Angel and Nicolas, for this fairy atmosphere!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer