The engagement became a serious and important step in Kim and Den’s relationships. They were dating for 11 years. The couple remembered, ‘We first met in high school during our junior year. We had a few classes together and we looked forward to seeing each other in class everyday’. They were spending their vacation in Hilton Head Island, when Kim received the proposal and said yes. The couple made up a decision to book an engagement photo session. Kim’s father is a photographer, so he approached responsibly to this issue and recommended us to the couple.

Hilton Head Island is one of the best resort towns in South Carolina. It’s especially popular among older couples or youth who prefer quiet and peaceful rest alone with each other to noisy parties. Hilton Head is the ideal place for family holidays. Sport lovers will also find something to enjoy. Polo, tennis, golf and volleyball are the most spread games among tourists. There are numerous well-equipped facilities

Breathtaking sceneries and magnificent places of Hilton Head Island won’t remain any nature lover indifferent. Sunny beaches and gorgeous parks are perfect for a sincere and tender engagement photography. We were capturing the couple at sunset, when all the colors around were softer and milder, creating a mysterious and intimate atmosphere. What can be more suitable for such a significant and exciting moment!


The engagement photo session in Hilton Head turned out to be beautiful, gentle and full of love and magic. We had a wonderful time. Even if at first Kim and Den looked a bit shy, after a few shoots they let themselves go. We understood each other and managed to turn these magical memories into photos.

Kim and Den are a very nice and lovely couple. You can feel their happiness even through our photos. Moreover, they are interesting interlocutors. Numerous curious conversations helped to turn work into pleasure, therefore time flew by like an instant.

Thank you, Kim and Den, for this exciting experience!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer