What is engagement for you? Of course, it is a significant event, full of positive emotions, surprise, tears of happiness, joy and fun. From this point of view all engagements are alike. But one thing is always individual and special for every couple. A proposal is an important step in the love story. And this story is unique for a couple. Therefore, it is a great idea to turn to an experienced Savannah engagement photographer to capture this magnificent moment in photos.

The man got in touch with me in advance. He wanted to discuss all the details over. Preparations play an important role in the success of engagement photography as nothing can spoil a significant moment. We examined all the questions, made the plan and agreed on the location of the couple at the time of making proposal. Our work paid off. The woman didn’t notice anything before the time. Doesn’t this mean success?

The Savannah engagement photo session wasn’t very long but it was very eventful. When I was waiting for the couple I was talking to a violinist in the park. I told him about a coming engagement and he promised to play something special for the couple. That small detail made the moment of the proposal even more exciting and emotional. I think all people around were touched by the sincere delight of the woman. Can you feel the couple’s joy and happiness through these photos? I believe you can!

 During the photo session the couple shared their own story. I asked how they had met and they answered with smiles, ‘We actually “met” on Bumble (a dating app) and had great conversation so it was an easy yes when he asked me on our first date. We went to a place called Summit Room for a cocktail. He was easygoing, we laughed, talked without any awkward silences and I remembered how attracted I was to both his looks and his personality’.

The engagement photo session took place in Forsyth Park. This place is one of the best attractions in Savannah and we could prove it with the photos. The nature of the park will admire the most indifferent person. Majestic trees not only give a shade on a hot day but amaze with their beauty. The best place of Forsyth Park is the fountain. I took some really exciting shoots near it. I don’t think all attractive points can be enumerated as beautiful backgrounds are everywhere. The Savannah engagement photo session in Forsyth Park turned out to be adorable. And this venue is suitable not only for engagement. A pre-wedding photography here will be charming and lovely too, won’t it?

I had done my best for the photo session and had enjoyed the work, so it was a pleasure to receive such warm words about my job, ‘I would describe you as easy going, fun to work with, great quality photos, communication is quick and reliable. I would highly recommend your services to anyone! We may be contacting you in the future 🙂

Thank you, Blake and Cary, for that exciting photography!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer