March 12, 2022

Where can you have an unusual wedding in Charleston? On a boat, in a park, in a garden, for example. But why not do it on a farm? Simple, tasteful, homely. It’s an idea that Anna and Albert realized perfectly.

On March 12, 2022, Anna and Albert had their original wedding at Boals Farm in Charleston. A stylish farm with wooden barns, old cars, green area around. Oneness with nature, romance, naturalness. A great location for those who want to spend this special day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The ceremony was held outdoors under large trees with horses grazing in the background. The atmosphere was cozy and magical. Touching vows and the first kiss of the already married couple.

Let’s consider in detail the images of Anna and Albert. The bride came out to the guests in an elegant dress with a beautiful open back and a bow at the back. The delicate bouquet combined white, blue and orange flowers. The groom appeared in a gray business suit, where the main feature was an original bowtie with ornaments. And of course a white hat with a wide brim.

Bridesmaids were dressed in feminine dark blue dresses. Friends of the groom in gray suits and black butterflies were not inferior in elegance.

Anna and Albert worked in the same company. However, they met during a joint work conference. Albert noted that as soon as he saw Anna for the first time he realized that he would marry her. Interestingly, Albert has a box in which to store various memorabilia from their Anna dates. One of the guests of honor at the celebration was the couple’s dog Marley.

We wanted the couple to share their warm feelings. And so we asked the bride, “What do you love most about him?”.  She responded with the following: “He has the most kind and serving heart, he’s so thoughtful, stern when I need it but gentle. He makes me feel safe and warm. His loyalty to the people he cares about that he would do anything for.”

Of course we asked the groom the same question: “What do you love most about her?”. The happy groom replied, “Her soul is filled with love and care. In times of chaos, she is my peace and in times of doubt, she is my rock”.

Our team of wedding photographers in Charleston were happy to be guests and the ones who captured the best shots of Anna and Albert’s wedding. May your married life be long and happy. Keep the romance and love alive in your couple.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer