Boone Hall Plantation, located just outside of Charleston, is a place where history and natural beauty intertwine. With its picturesque landscapes, charming architecture, and rich historical significance, it serves as an ideal backdrop for couples looking to capture their love story through secret proposal photography.
The plantation itself boasts a variety of stunning locations for engagement photography. The meticulously preserved historic buildings, such as the plantation houses, offer a glimpse into the past and provide a unique setting for capturing moments of love. The rustic barns, manicured gardens, and vibrant flower fields compose a diverse range of backdrops, ensuring that every couple's vision is brought to life.

1. Small tower

Old brick wall of this small tower has a stylish texture. Whether you decide to make a secret proposal here or just enjoy an engagement photo session with your beloved, the pictures will look amazing. The tower is surrounded by greenery that adds more contrast to the photo. This spot looks good regardless of the season.

2. Gates

Beautiful iron gates and the house behind them look like a scene from a historic movie. This spot indeed has a rich history. Note an elegant ornament on the gates. It depicts vases and flowers. Thins structured lines add balance and a special visual feature to the photo. You will always want to look at all the details of the gates. There are several ways to take photos there. You may stand between the gates having the house behind you. Or you can be photographed from another side, having trees and greenery as a main background. One more idea: the photo can be taken while the photographer is looking through the gates, as if the couple was secretly watched by the photographer.

3. Garden exit

Arches are always so good for photography. This one is also good for secret proposal or romantic photography. The combination of old bricks and greenery has a great outlook in any season. If you visit this place during the blooming period, your photos will get a colorful decoration. Bright flower beds will do their best for the wonderful photos. Usually we take photos at this spot at the end of the secret proposal photo session.

4. The Main Road

This is the most famous place of the whole plantation. It's popular among all visitors, especially those who are planning a secret proposal. And we bet you already know why. Look at the tremendous Avenue of the Oaks. Depending on the hour of the day, this location has a different lighting. Of course the golden hour gives its majestic lighting to the avenue. This hour can be caught in winter, when the sun sets earlier. The plantation is open till 5 pm, so in other seasons we won’t have a chance. One more detail we should remember: the avenue is available for cars. But it’s easy to wait till there are no cars or use a bit of retouching after the photo session.

5. Dock

One of the most popular spots for secret proposal photography at Boone Hall Plantation is the cotton dock. Jutting out into Horlbeck Creek, this weathered wooden dock offers panoramic views of the surrounding marshes and waterways. As the sun sets behind the horizon, casting a warm glow over the landscape, couples can embrace, dance, and create memories of this special day.

6. House

The house is incredibly photogenic. See yourself, we took photos with different lighting and different seasons. The building can be near or in a distance, in the center of the photo or in the corner of it. And it always looks beautiful. White columns and well-cared greenery create a background that nothing can spoil.

7. Oaks side view

This place is particularly good for your secret proposal, because people usually do not go there. But why so? There is a rope that looks like a fence. So the majority of visitors do not cross it. Thus, we get a non-crowded location for romantic photo session or secret proposal. Couples, who consider themselves shy, feel good while walking there. Besides, the photo background will be clear. No one will be walking behind you. Lush greenery will be your only companion.

8. Fence

A solid wooden fence looks simple, but does a lot for the photo composition. Having no ornaments or other decoration, it brings so much balance to the picture. Note different angles and distances in the photos. All of them are so uncomplicated yet perfectly balanced. Sometimes you can see horses behind the fence. They tend to add some kind of peace and coziness to the photo.

9. Backyard

This is the house's backyard, which has its special charm. Depending on the season you may see a lot of manicured greenery or brown and yellow bushes there. Anyway it deserves to be photographed. Its panoramic windows and brick walls look stylish and a bit mysterious regardless of the season. Moreover, this place has a nice advantage - it is also a non-crowded spot suitable for secret proposal or just a romantic walk.

10. Bridge

The wooden bridge is not straight, like the bridges we used to see. This one is curved, that’s why it looks so unusual. Marsh area here is also visible. Not so many people know about this spot. So it is good not only for a secret proposal, but also for posing with your beloved. Depending on your ideas, we can take creative or romantic photos here.

11. House porch

White porch definitely helps to diversify the backgrounds. If you like elegant and clean elements, like columns and windows without extra decoration, you will love this spot. Minimalistic and solid porch has its own vibe.

12. Garden

Look at these bright flowers. There is no need to write so many words about them, they are so stunning. You can find something blooming here most of the year. Tender or vibrant, they will light up your photos and give you so many wonderful emotions.

13. Next to the river

This location has a waterview. Looking a bit wild, it still has something romantic. We believe it’s all because of Spanish moss and old trees. Massive branches resemble stone. In fact, they are really strong and you can even sit on them. The location is also non crowded, so you can enjoy nature and your visit to the plantation.

14. Cotton House

The warmth of these pictures is undeniable. Wooden walls of the cotton house saturated with the sunlight look so unusual. This location is quite private, you can enjoy the company of your beloved. Besides, wooden walls with its natural ornament will help you to diversify the photos from this wonderful day.
Secret proposal photography at Boone Hall Plantation is an experience that transcends the ordinary. Photo shooting here is allowed for those who have an annual pass that costs several hundred dollars. Of course we have this pass, and you will have a chance to visit the plantation without spending extra money. Visiting this place allows couples to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in a world of timeless beauty. Our leading photographer lives near the plantation, so there is no problem with the traffic. This is important if you are planning a secret proposal and come from another city. Also, we approve every photo session with plantation management to avoid overlapping. Thus, you do not have to worry about dozens of people taking photos at the same spot with you.
Come and see yourself how unique this place is. The soft glow of sunrise and sunset casts a magical light, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that you will never forget.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer