Flowers have been accompanying almost every event since ancient times. The bride was carrying the bouquet in her hands to protect the future marriage from bad luck. It was believed that the flowers’ aroma could scare off the evil spirits. The tradition of groom flower decorating appeared in the Middle Ages. Times pass, but the beautiful flowers are still considered as an essential component of the wedding ceremony all over the world. Although we remember about the floral symbology, nowadays we use bouquets as an accessory that makes the bridal look complete.

Getting ready for the micro wedding a couple would like to get an amazing and stylish bouquet. Fresh cut flowers look incredibly good in photos or videos. Elopement florist can make your dreams come true. Talented floral designer is able to make a work of art from the flowers and herbs. As we know the best florists in Charleston, we decided to include this service in some of our packages. In turn, the florists also have several elopement flower packages for you. Based on their experience, they offer the most popular bouquets.

All of them can be a source of positive sentiments during your small wedding. Besides, they can be customized to a certain level. But if you would like to have a unique bouquet with a special meaning, it is also possible for an extra charge. Whatever option you choose, our designer will also take care about a matching boutonniere for the groom. This lovely detail will make a special bond between the newlyweds in the photos. We know the details matter. And we are sure you will be impressed by the bouquet from our florist.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer