All our wedding packages include complimentary bridal or engagement sessions and if you’ve already had an engagement session you can do a bridal session instead. So, what is a bridal session? Let’s find out!

Bridal session is one of the most remarkable events before the wedding itself. This session is held for the bride only, so after that we will see the pics of no one else, but the bride. Having the bridal session is a wise decision. It helps not only to check the bridal look, but also to get amazing bridal portraits. Being in the limelight is so thrilling, isn’t it?

However, to make it perfect, the session should be well planned. The best time for it is a month before the wedding. During the session the bride will have the whole bridal look, totally the same as she wants it for the wedding day. It includes not only a dress, but also makeup and hair styling. Most of the hair and makeup artists provide trial look services, so the bridal session can be discussed with them as well as with the photographer. Bridal bouquet is another beautiful detail of the look. It not only makes the image complete, but also lets us take amazing, detailed photos. If your floral designer supports you, the result will be more than perfect.

The most obvious place for the bridal session is the venue, where the wedding will take place. Usually there is no problem to arrange the chosen venue for the bridal session. But in case the venue is occupied and there is no chance to take photos there, we will always find a way out. There are plenty of majestic places in Charleston. We will recommend you the best place according to your preferences – Downtown, plantations, different wedding venues, that can provide their properties during the weekdays.

Why do we think the bridal session is a good idea? Because the bride will be the main character of the session. She will get all the attention of the photographer. There will be no rush, unlike on the wedding day. We will make the most of the time and the look we have. We know how important it is for the bride, how much time it takes to choose the dress and think about every detail to create a perfect look. The bridal session is the best day to capture such a thoroughly created image. The bride will see herself in different locations and against beautiful backgrounds. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to test the bridal look and introduce some changes in case it’s necessary. And we will also get to know each other better. Then, on the wedding day the bride will feel much more comfortable.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer