A neat and beautiful cake is an important element of the small wedding. Cake for elopement usually has one level and a lovely decoration, unlike a complicated multi-level wedding cake. It looks nice and elegant at the same time. The cake itself symbolises good luck and prosperity. Besides, there are a couple of the most common traditions related to it. Thus, cutting the cake is a very old tradition that remained from Medieval times. Modern couples cut the cake to represent the first action they do as a family. After that the bride and the groom feed each other with the cut cake to show their affection and commitment. It’s good to have such a delicious start to a family life.

There are a lot of proficient confectioners in Charleston. Making cake they perform an edible miracle. No one will resist from taking an amazing elopement photo with the cake. Creative confectioners have a set of elopement cake ideas. You can look through the most popular designs and choose the one that you like most. A micro wedding cake is big enough to share between 2-6 people. Good news is that there is always room for a little customization. In case you need something really special, you can share your idea with us. A special design will require an additional charge. But it will definitely add a unique meaning to your elopement. We are always ready to discuss your ideas and help you to choose the best option.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer