May 31, 2020

First thing I got in my mind while meeting this wonderful couple was “relations mean to be responsible of each other”.

We met to discuss their wedding photography and our meeting gradually flew into emotional and touchy loves story of the couple. They spoke about each other with such happy smiles, sincere emotions that there is no doubt from my side that it was love at first sight.

They are together almost 4 years and have a lot to say about their relationships. Actually, groom planned to make a proposal on Bahamas but things turned out to be in a different way. So he did it in Chicago (they visited relatives there), on the tallest skyscraper in the sky box.  There’s no way the Bahamas proposal could have been better.  He literally proposed in the clouds and (bride  confirmed  while smiling that)  she has been on Cloud 9 ever since!  It is very nice when people are aware of each other. The bride said really nice things about her future husband  “ When most people do things with the expectation of receiving something in return, he does just the opposite.  He doesn’t look for what he can gain from a person or situation, but instead for what he can contribute and give”.

This couple was planning a wedding on May 31, 2020, but because of COVID19, they were forced to postpone their celebration for next year. But they decided to marry anyway on the appointed date in the circle of the closest (only parents on both sides). It was an intimate ceremony by the river, in the shade of trees.  The couple and guests chose a white color in their clothes, which gave a lot of charm and made the photos wonderful. The couple chose an excellent place for photographs – old trees with swings and Spanish moss, amazing views of the river and pier. This is the true charm of Charleston. We wish the couple good luck with their wedding preparations and cannot wait to photograph their big holiday next year. sincere emotions that there it no doubt from my side that it was love at first sight.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer