What do you admire most of all in wedding photo sessions? Beautiful clothing, picturesque places, creative decorations – all of these things are important, but a more significant feature is the atmosphere of true love, sincerity and happiness. It is quite difficult to capture them in photos. Therefore you’d better deal with a tried Charleston wedding photographer and make sure you can recollect the emotions just looked at the shoots. 

First of all, I want to say that Courtney and Ryan have taken a very responsible approach to the wedding preparations, as it is important too. It was interesting and amusing to work with them. All the details were thoroughly thought out. The whole wedding was in navy and lavender colors. No one could remain indifferent towards the attire of the bride. The main features were the bouquet and the bridal veil. These small things helped to create a really charming and elegant image of the bride. By the way, a veil deserves closer attention. This detail is an important attribute of wedding clothing which can add romance and magnificence to the whole picture. Just look at the photos with it. How tender and exquisite they look!

The wedding was organized in the perfect way but the main its advantage was a special family atmosphere. All of the guests were happy for the couple and it was evident. The Charleston wedding photography was successful because we managed to capture these feelings. The children deserve a special mention. The girls decorated the wedding with their sincere laughter and smiles. The most touching moment of the event was also connected with the family. When the bride was dancing with her father all of us couldn’t take the eyes off them. That day I took not only wedding photos, but some good family pictures too. I asked the couple about their family traditions and favorite pastime. They told me a lot, ‘We are a blended family and most the time we love spending time with Ryan’s children, especially anything outside. We live on a lake and enjoy kayaking, fishing, playing basketball, rollerblading, and spending time with my parents, Gayle and Joel’.

I should say a couple of words about the venue. The Charleston wedding photo session in White Point Gardens could disappoint nobody and the couple had known that while choosing the place. Just look at the photos of the ceremony in the gazebo! It’s difficult to find a more beautiful place with such majestic trees and magnificent old architecture. Do you know how long history the gazebo in White Point Gardens has? This venue is ideal for any kind of photo session or just small vacations. A pre-wedding photography in such a place will have a special atmosphere. After the main event I took some photos in the Downtown. Courtney and Ryan look glorious, don’t they?

I had done the utmost to satisfy the couple, so it was very pleasant to receive such a full and positive review, ‘Ryan and I could not have asked for or imagined a more amazing wedding photography experience. Dennis and his wife made us feel so comfortable during our session. Dennis kept us laughing the whole time and made the whole experience go so smoothly. He accommodated all of our wishes, including each of our family and friends in the pictures. He made the kids feel comfortable and kept them smiling the whole time, which can be very difficult for kids during pictures. Dennis facilitated a wide variety of shots that showcased the beauty that Charleston has to offer. I felt like such a princess getting my pictures taken. I was in awe when we got our wedding day photos back. They are absolutely beautiful and are the perfect representation of that perfect day. I look at all of those pictures frequently and can remember exactly how wonderful that day was by reflecting on the beautiful pictures that Dennis was able to capture’.

Photography: Dennis Charleston Photo Art 

Setup/Coordination: Reynolds Treasures 

Musician: Coastal Chamber Musicians 

Floral: Island Bouquets 

Hair and Makeup: CoverGirlBrides.com 

Officiant: Charleston Intimate Ceremonies 

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer