December 6, 2020

According to the interpretation of dictionaries, fate is the totality of all events and circumstances that primarily affect a person’s being; predetermination of events, actions; what happens in our life, but does not depend on our will. This very interpretation can be applied to Brittany and André. Because of the pandemic, they had to postpone the wedding three times, but nevertheless, we cannot escape fate, and yet these two wonderful people tied their fates on a beautiful summer day.

Their fateful meeting happened at high school. Brittany and André remember laughing in class with each other without even knowing that someday they will become husband and wife. And little bit later they realized that they want to be together all the time. Both of them are very romantic and the choice of holding the wedding happened by itself, it was a wedding at Cypress Gardens. This is a fantastic wedding venue. All nature and the atmosphere is saturated with romance, proof of this is the film “The Notebook” that was filmed there.

Enchanting nature, different natural palette of colors, small bridges over the water, mighty trees growing right in the water. All this seems like a fairy tale. This natural beauty made it possible to take beautiful Cypress Gardens wedding photos by Charleston wedding photographer and capture the most tender moments. Quiet alleys just beckon with their solitude. The wedding ceremony took place near a small alcove by the lake. This is a very spacious place, and the guests sat on chairs and tenderly watched as the newlyweds vow to be always together. The bridesmaids wore purple dresses and purple elements were also in the bridal bouquet.

Particularly touching and effective was the appearance of the bride – she floated to the place of the wedding on a boat. Catching her beautiful reflection in the quiet, mirror-like water, the bride just shone with happiness. In a white dress, embroidered with stones and a long veil, Brittany literally bewitched all the guests. Light natural makeup and beautifully styled hair perfectly emphasize her beauty. The groom had a gray suit and of course (in addition to the bouquet) a purple bow tie.

It was a day of wonderful emotions, lots of hugs and kisses. It was the birthday of a new family in which Brittany and André are the main characters.

Venue | Cypress Gardens 

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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