February 5, 2022

As the sun began its descent on a beautiful spring evening, love filled the air at Dunes West Golf Club in Mount Pleasant. On the memorable day of February 5, 2022, Caroline and Matthew exchanged vows, celebrating their eternal commitment surrounded by family and friends. With their impeccable taste and a stunning color palette of white, gray, and green, their wedding was a true testament to elegance and romance.

As the preferred Mount Pleasant wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing every precious moment of Caroline and Matthew’s special day. The choice of Dunes West Golf Club as the venue for both the ceremony and reception was a stroke of brilliance. The lush green fairways and pristine surroundings provided a breathtaking backdrop for their nuptials. As the couple stood beneath a charming floral arch adorned with white roses and greenery, the emotions were palpable. With the serene beauty of the golf course, it was a match made in heaven.

The wedding colors, white, gray, and green, were carefully chosen to reflect the couple’s sophisticated taste. The bride, Caroline, looked ethereal in her flowing white gown, which perfectly complemented her cascading bouquet of white flowers and delicate greenery. Matthew, the dashing groom, was handsome in a classic gray suit that exudes timeless charm.

As the sun began to set, casting a warm golden hue over the surroundings, I seized the opportunity to capture some truly magical moments. The newlyweds strolled hand in hand along the golf course, bathed in the soft light of the setting sun. These sunset pictures radiated with an indescribable romanticism, encapsulating the essence of their love story.

As a Mount Pleasant wedding photographer, I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of Caroline and Matthew’s wedding. Which was a celebration of love, friendship, and the beginning of a beautiful journey. The memories we created together will forever serve as a reminder of their enduring bond and the love they shared on that magical day at Dunes West Golf Club.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer