Elopement is a very romantic type of ceremony. No pomp, no noise, no unfamiliar people around. Just you and your beloved surrounded by a loving family. In the whole US South, it’s hard to find the city more suitable for an intimate wedding than Charleston. Picturesque nature, impressive historic downtown, and mild climate form perfect conditions for celebration.

The elopement ceremony ideas usually depend on the venue. Here we would recommend you listen to your heart. Where do you see it happening? On the sunset engolden beach or under the massive century-old oaks? The best thing about the elopement is that you can literally do it anywhere.

Planning your elopement adventure in Charleston, you probably know there are three main types of locations here – beaches, downtown and plantations. All these locations are suitable for outdoor ceremonies. Romantic couples usually prefer beaches for their small wedding. The sunset photos taken on the beach are so cute and refreshing. You can even arrange a simple party if there are any guests on your elopement. In the evening the beaches are quite empty, so you will be able to enjoy the celebration without an extra audience.

City downtown and parks are amazing for those who consider rustic style micro wedding. The variety of old buildings will inspire the brown color palette admirers. You can also consider a matching outfit and matching bouquet, based on the location colors. According to our vast experience, the well-thought-out couple image has a significant impact on the photos.

In case you are in love with greenery and earth color palette, Charleston plantations will steal your heart. They look stunning especially when the flowers are in blossom. The combination of bright blooms and rampant greenery is a great source of creative ideas for your elopement photos.

If you have any fun elopement ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We are sure they can be included in your elopement photo session.
Remember, whatever place or style you choose, this day will be unique as you are a unique couple.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer