August 22, 2020

It was a beautiful small wedding at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, a stunning historical place with the unforgettable air of love and happiness. Two people, Jessica and Christopher, were getting married after two years since their first meeting online. They had their first date in a local bar in their neighborhood. As they found out later, they even happened to work close-by. Jessica came from Honduras moving to DC in 2018 in response to the job offer at an international organization. Christopher also got his job at the VA in 2018. She loved his eyes and charm and Chris says he loved Jessica for her good heart. The happy and delighted couple is looking forward to their dream coming true, so they plan to have children and a nice comfortable house in the nearest future. Chris is originally from Charleston so they have decided to get married here, at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

A small wedding with a Catholic ceremony outdoors was held in a cozy gazebo. Pastel colors and elegant romantic style has become the inspiration for this Big Day. The closest relatives and bosom friends only have shared the couple’s joy and happiness. And the historical environment has worked great for this intimate ceremony.

In the present situation with the COVID-19 pandemic its very hard to plan and organize a big wedding. The small wedding is the right solution. Here is the real chance to enjoy the moment among the nearest and dearest people and to get the fascinating pictures at wedding photographer in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens who does the best to preserve the beautiful moments with the greatest commitment and professional care.

All in all, the breathtaking backdrop of ancient oaks, picturesque bridges, and spacious green lawns has worked as a perfect setting for amazing photo shoots and sessions provided by the elopement wedding photographer.

Officiant | Father Robert O’Connell
Floral Design | Creech’s Florist, Inc.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer