An interesting pre-story of the engagement photo session in Savannah occurred with Ashley and Kyle. Kyle called me a month before the engagement and said that he was looking for a ring. As a rule, this call did not mean that the customer chose us; probably he was sorting out photographers looking for the one that would suit the couple best.

Anyway, Kyle called back two weeks before the engagement and we discussed the plan of a future photo session. It was supposed to happen in Forsyth Park. As you know, Forsyth Park is the largest park in the historic district of Savannah Georgia. It is steeped in old Southern traditions and romance. Whether you want to celebrate your love in the magnificent Viennese Ballroom or sun-dappled courtyard, Forsyth Park is a perfect place to choose. Either way, all photo sessions here are always flawlessly executed and breathtakingly beautiful.

Well, here one of the most exciting parts of my work began! We exchanged photos with Kyle to know how we look. And while the couple was walking in the park, I tried to stay close with them, pretending that I was taking photos of other people. We agreed with a Kyle about a secret gesture – scratching the back of the head. This meant that in 5-7 seconds he would kneel and propose to Ashley.

So the engagement photography started and I paid all attention only to them. When I had taken enough pictures of the moment of the engagement, I approached the couple and introduced to Ashley for the first time. She was completely shocked (in its good sense!) and impressed.  It took some time for the couple to relax and we continued shooting in the best mood.

As expected, engagement photos in Forsyth Parkcame out great, filled with light and warmth. Work with Ashley and Kyle turned out to be a real pleasure for me. And, I hope, they got the same joy.

Here you can see the review Ashley and Kyle have sent to us, “Reasonable pricing, great personality, excellent customer service, very professional! Dennis was a joy to work with and really knows how to capture the perfect memories. He made our engagement shoot perfect!

As you can see, the work of a photographer is not only in shooting, but also in communication with customers. We are learning more about each other – and this is the only proven way to understand if the photographer is appropriate for you. So we are always glad to communicate with customers, because, among other things, it helps to understand what kind of people they are and how to make the ideal photo session for them.

Thank you, Ashley and Kyle, for this amazing day!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer