Engagement photography

The essence of the service of engagement photography is a “pre-wedding” photo session. But it’s quiet different from love story, because all the attention is to the fact of engagement, what is clear from the name.

Every couple is unique. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate to them being skilled at naturally interacting between themselves and relaxed posing during the engagement session. There are some creative engagement photo ideas for the couples who want to try, but afraid of it.


Nature always wins. The best photos are usually taken at the seaside, in a forest or at the lakeside. Engagement photo shoot ideas can be rather simple but very impressive. For this one, go to any nearby lake and use its stunning scenery and beautiful water as a background. If you want to do something really tender and romantic, nature is the best choice for engagement photo session.


The following tip emerges from the previous one: sunset is one of the most picturesque natural phenomena. Why don’t you take advantage of this and take memorable engagement photos with a sunset in the forest as a background? This is one of the greatest ideas for engagement photos for couples who like long paths, green trees, and birds tweeting. The sunlight coming through thick trees can add a dreamy and magical vibe to your photos.


If you’ve decided to make a beach photo shoot, you don’t have to pose on the shore only. Don’t hesitate and go into the water! You and your partner will look passionate in the splashing waves around you.


Make your photo session in such a style that describes you and your partner best. Don’t arrange a photo shoot on a specific topic if you have got nothing to do with it. Think of the things that you like doing together, hobbies that you both share or something that connects you. All this can help you come up with nice engagement picture ideas.


Try to choose the matching colors of your outfits. Choose pastel and neutral tones. Avoid bright patterns that can look distracting in your pictures.


Take some items that are somehow connected to your relationship and use them during your shoot. Of course, the ring will be the first object you will bring but it’s not the only option. Take some gifts that you gave to each other or use your favorite books to show your true nature. Think about the things that will match the theme of your photo session.


Don’t stress out about not knowing how you will look in the photos or about engagement picture poses and how to do them in the right way. Your photographer will take care of all that. This shoot is about you being a couple. If you feel calm, your pictures will look genuine. Imagine that the photographer isn’t there and nobody is looking at you. Interact with your partner like you would do it when there’s just two of you. Enjoy this! Your photographer will guide you throughout the whole photo session.


Nothing can be better than hugging in bed with your loved one. If you choose to have your engagement photo shoot at home, you can try many convenient engagement poses and be sure that a photographer will capture your natural and genuine emotions. Another variant of fun engagement photo ideas is to have a pillow fight in front of a camera. It will look very lovely in your pictures. Besides, you will be in a good mood while having such photos taken.


All seasons are beautiful so why not use their beauty in your photos? If you’re planning on having your engagement photo session in fall, use red, orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees as your background. They will make your pictures look awesome. This is one of the best outdoor engagement photo ideas.

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