The main goal of any photo session is to keep memories of some significant moments or periods of your life. And what time can be more magic and exciting than pregnancy is? The period of waiting for the baby is definitely worth capturing in photos because it is also a great opportunity to take emotional and thrilling family shoots, such as we with Marina and Maurice have taken.

It is always a great pleasure to see that a future child is desired for a couple. During the Downtown Charleston maternity photography I was watching how gently and carefully the man was treating his pregnant wife. It couldn’t leave doubt about feelings towards their future child. Recently I have asked Marina and Maurice about the most interesting things that have happened with their family this year and they have answered, ‘Becoming parents this year is probably the most interesting and exciting thing happened in our family. Our baby girl brought so much joy and happiness in our lives’. I remember the couple glowing with exhilaration and can’t help but be happy for Marina and Maurice. Just look at the photos and you will share my emotions!

The couple wanted to capture current emotions in the best way, so they were choosing a Charleston maternity photographer responsibly. And I did the utmost to satisfy the future parents. We had discussed dresses of the woman in advance, therefore the photos turned out to be really beautiful, interesting and diverse. The competent selection of the clothing of gentle colors even let you think that it is pre-wedding photography. What do you think about these photos?

When Iasked the couple about the venue of the photo session they weren’t in two minds. You can look at their answer, ‘When we decided to do maternity photoshoot, we wanted to have romantic and rustic atmosphere in our pictures. So, the downtown Charleston was the perfect place. Denis walked us through the small streets which had old brick building with rustic windows and flowers, we took some pictures in front of Charleston theater with absolutely gorgeous architectural decor. The downtown Charleston was the best choice to take a memorable pictures for our family’. The small streets of old Downtown Charleston with their calmness and quiet beauty always attract many visitors. It’s clear as what atmosphere can be better for both an evening walk and an elegant Charleston maternity photo session?

That sunny day was full of fun, happiness, joy and laughter. We were walking, smiling, talking and making cheerful photos. Therefore I can’t but thank the couple for such an excellent experience. And what they have said about our work,‘If any of my friend ask about photography recommendations I would say: ” if you wanna have a photoshoot like a celebrity you have to call Denis. He creates great work atmosphere, help with poses and makes you look and feel beautiful.”’

Thank you, Marina and Maurice, for that day. We hope to see you one more time!

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    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer