April 17, 2021

“We really make an excellent team” this was what Jonathan said about his relationships with Anne. The two loving people have been together for over three years. They are overwhelmed with love for each other. It is very easy and pleasant to communicate with them. They love everything about each other. Jonathan and Anne had a small wedding with great emotions and joy.

The elopement of this wonderful couple took place on April 17, 2021 in a private house at Folly Beach. This wedding was also very memorable because their dog turned one year old that day. It was so cute.As Jonathan and Anne decided to hold the wedding in a private house, it gave a special privacy and charm to the ceremony. The bride wore a fitted champagne-colored dress with a train at the bottom. Natural make-up, curly brown hair, and an open smile made her simply irresistible. Groom’s outfit combined light brown, white and light blue colors. These colors looked exceptionally good in photographs. We took wonderful pictures and conveyed the natural shades. The wedding bouquet was very bright and consisted of colorful flowers with greenery.

Anne and Jonathan chose their house by the ocean as the wedding venue. It was extraordinary. The newlyweds and I, Folly Beach wedding photographer, managed to take wonderful photos on the ocean shore. The wedding ceremony took place in the courtyard, near a white wooden arch. The whole area was buried in greenery. A festive table was decorated with flowers and candles. The wedding atmosphere was family-like. I, an intimate wedding photographer, was very glad to present the memory of their wedding to this wonderful couple.

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer