November 14, 2021

You never know where you might meet your destiny. What kind of acquaintance can change your life abruptly? Joshua had no idea that when he applied for a job at a new company he would meet her. Sarah was supposed to help the newcomer settle in. The working relationship soon turned into a personal one. And friendship grew into a bright love.

The couple met in Charleston and were captivated by the Founders Hall setting and therefore decided to have their wedding there.

On November 14, 2021, Sara and Joshua said “I do” to each other among their closest loved ones at Founders Hall. The ceremony was filled with warmth, light and romance. Candles in clear glass candlesticks, curly greenery, and a huge antique stone fireplace. The main color scheme: emerald green, gray and white. Elegant, sensual and beautiful.

The bride’s charming look consisted of a white dress with lace sleeves and a gorgeous train. A light veil adorned her neatly gathered hair. The bridesmaids appeared in feminine dresses of dark-green shade. It turned out very harmoniously.

The groom chose a gray business suit for the wedding with a dark green bowtie, complemented with brown boots. The jacket was decorated with a green silk scarf and a boutonniere with a flower.

We decided to ask the groom, “What do you love most about her?” The groom gave the following answer with a smile: “I love how differently she thinks and looks at things”.

We also asked the bride, “What do you love most about him?” She answered the following: “I love how kind and generous he is to others.”

We are a team of wedding photographers in Charleston, SC and would like to wish Sarah and Joshua another happy wedding. Cherish your love and tenderness despite all of life’s hardships.

Wedding planner | The Coordination Company

Venue | Founders Hall

Rental company | Duvall

Wedding Dress / Dress Store | Stella York/Gown Boutique of Charleston

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer