May 28, 2023

Last preparations, fuss, excitement. Snow-white gladiolus on the tables. Outside the windows, white yachts are rocking on the water. The wind plays with the grass, you can hear the water splashing. Little lights are lit. This place is perfect for creating memorable wedding photos in a nautical style.

The incredible atmosphere of Historic Rice Mill is where two happy people Casey and Morgan said “I do” to each other on May 28, 2023.

The ceremony was held outdoors at the entrance of the building, which was decorated with white fabric. For the second part of the celebration moved inside, where everyone said their warmest congratulations to the couple.

Wedding theme is marine-inspired, using colors natural to the marsh: greens and blues. Morgan is a boat captain and scuba instructor, and he was introduced to Casey by some friends who were taking scuba classes from him. They met each other at a friend’s Halloween party. They carved pumpkins together and did a lot of teasing each other about whose pumpkin was better. A great story that became the basis for a great and bright love.

They love the water and everything associated with it. So when choosing a wedding venue, they realized they could only choose Charleston. It’s a great decision, I’ll tell you that. In fact, Charleston adds a special charm to every wedding.

The bride gave a touching and warm answer to the question, “What do you love most about him?”: “I love Morgan’s kind heart. He is so sweet and caring, and he helps me feel okay when I am struggling with life. He’s funny and extremely loyal and he’s just so interested in everything. We can’t get through an hour-long podcast on a 3 hour drive because we have too much to say to each other. Also, he’s incredibly handsome”.

Our team of Charleston wedding photographers congratulates Casey and Morgan on their wedding day. We wish you as many memorable sunsets together as possible. Love and be each other’s strongest support and encouragement.

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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