Dear visitors! I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude that you have reached me, as it means that something about my work has captured your attention. I assure you that I do my best to provide the highest quality of service, unobtrusive communication and fabulous photos to get your friends jealous)))

If you wonder how to make a booking for a wedding photographer in Charleston, in my case the process is quite simple and won’t take you much time. On the other hand, it covers all necessary information and important aspects to help me meet your expectations to the full extend.

So, when you decide to book me as your wedding photographer, please follow some instructions.

STEP 1: First Request

When we first get in touch, I need to have general info about your important day:

  1. Type of event;
  2. Date and time you want to book me for;
  3. Location of your celebration;
  4. Amount of hours you want me to spend with you;
  5. The package you opt for (please look through the Wedding Packages page to find detailed information about the package options);
  6. Your contact information (in case some clarification is needed, I’ll get in touch with you in any convenient way).

You want to book me for a specific day and time, but I am already engaged somewhere else? Don’t get discouraged, I have a solution to offer! I will recommend you another professional and reliable photographer who will do his best to deliver high-quality service and marvelous pictures of your celebration.

STEP 2: Personal Meeting

Wedding is an intimate event, and people servicing it should be exceptionally delicate and comfortable to work with. That’s why establishing a personal contact between the newlyweds and photographer is exceedingly important. For this reason, I suggest arranging a tete-a-tete meeting in my office. In this way, we can get to know each other to see if we match to spend an important day together. Moreover, I’ll be able to demonstrate the samples of my photos, albums and wall art.

If there is no possibility for you to come to my place, it’s not a problem. Modern technologies allow us to have a video call or a conference to discuss the details. I am available at Skype, Facetime and Zoom to talk things over with you.

STEP 3: Signing a Contract

After we have got acquainted and agreed upon all aspects of our cooperation, it’s time to make it legitimate. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to help me prepare the contract. What I need to know is: your full names, the address I am supposed to arrive at, emergency contacts, and the exact time I will start and finish working.

Afterwards, give me one or two days to prepare a contract, which covers all the details. After that, the contract is forwarded to you. You have unlimited time to study and sign it (usually, it takes 2 to 10 days for contractors to sign the contract). 

STEP 4: Placing a Retainer

When all the details have been thoroughly discussed the paperwork has been done, you can place a retainer for my service. Please be aware that this money is non-refundable. Once the payment is done, you can be confident that this time is booked only for you.

BONUS: To show my appreciation and devotion to you, I will provide an engagement photo session complimentary to all the packages. It’s a fantastic possibility to have great photos, to know each other better before the main event and to feel relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company.

STEP 5: Final Call

One or two weeks before the wedding, I will give you a call for finalizing the service. I need to receive specific information regarding:

  • The full schedule of the day;
  • The list of people you want to take photos with;
  • Any details you’d like to share with me.

Of course, this is a typical plan, which can be adjusted personally for you. Believe me I’ll be glad to do whatever to meet all your requirements and make you happy on the biggest day of your life!

The pricing of my service is defined by three major aspects:

  • The package you opt for;
  • The number of hours you want me to spend with you;
  • The location you choose.

If you lack some information about me as a photographer in Charleston or would like to receive answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at the phone number 843-819-9705 . I am available at messengers: Facebook / Instagram 

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer