What a beautiful wedding session I’ve had recently and that’s why I can’t wait to share with you details! The couple was amazing – beautiful, bright, positive and absolutely in love with each other. Victoria and Garret have contacted me hoping to find a professional wedding photographer who would capture this wonderful and exciting event!

First of all, a little story about our couple. Victoria and Garret met in high school and have been friends since the first day they met. It wasn’t until junior year that they realized that we should be more than just friends. They always try and find something new to do each day they are together! They love going out on adventures and getting lost together while hiking. They find going out to different restaurants and trying new foods high on the list for date nights.

I really love to re-read the moment when Garret proposed Victoria! As you can see on the pictures Garret works on submarine. And fortunately, he was able to come home for Christmas this year and planned a big dinner at a fancy restaurant for both of their families. The dessert came out and there was a ring on Victoria’s plate. The next thing she knew Garret was on one knee, proposing in front of both of their families.

The wedding was held in White Point Garden, Charleston. What led the couple to this beautiful city? One day Victoria was able to come visit Garrett at his duty station in Charleston on her spring break from college. They decided that the timing was right and that they should get married while Victoria was there. They chose White Point Garden, because the first time the couple explored Charleston together, they both thought that the area was absolutely beautiful. That, and he lost his hat in the harbor there before, as well. With all of the memories at that location, it was perfect.

And they were absolutely right! I had so many sessions In White Point Garden and still it can surprise me! I am sure you will be interested to find out an unforgettable story which happened while we were photographing. The couple was posing and I was shooting when suddenly man on bicycle stopped near us. He looked at Victoria and Garret, introduced himself and said that his mansion was near and we can take pictures there!

I really want to thank this wonderful man for being so nice and kind and making Victoria and Garret even happier!

It was a pure pleasure to work with such an incredible couple and I was very excited and thankful when I’ve received from them the following review, “Dennis was very professional and made the entire session enjoyable. He was very creative with the different locations within the area and with the different poses. The pictures turned out absolutely beautiful and captured the excitement very well.”

I am sure that your future life will be full of bright days and positive emotions! Thank you so much, Victoria and Garret, you were fascinating!

Officiant: A. E. Benton
Event Venue: White Point Garden
Transportation: 2017 Dodge Challenger
Dress store: Macy’s
Shoes: Nina
Rings: Zales
Flowers: Keepsakes’s Florist
Hair: Broadway Images

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author: Dennis A. / Lead Photographer