We have got a big pleasure to be a part of Jamie and Joe’s big day! The wedding was held in Hampton Park this autumn.

Hampton Park is one of the City of Charleston’s largest parks; it boasts the most extensive floral displays of any park in the city. This neighborhood park is famous for its rich history, beautiful views and unique flowers.

Jamie and Joe wrote, “We thought it would be a great location because of us getting engaged here and of course because the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Our friends and family traveled all the way from PA just to see us tie the knot!” And they were absolutely right – Hampton Park is gorgeous.

Another reason why the wedding photography came out awesome was really lively and warm atmosphere. Families were very close-knit; perhaps you can feel it even through the photos!

It was a pleasure to work with this couple. Jamie told us, “Joe and I really enjoy visiting new places together. Every year since we have dated we have visited 1 new place that we both want to see. We love adventure!” Well, even if you don’t know this information you can see how active and positive they are in the photos!

Another reason why this wedding photo session was unique is the fact that Joe is a sailor. Just imagine how much space for creativity was given to our photographer only with Joe’s uniform! By the way, probably because of the specifics of this uniform he had to hide the ring in his sock!

What a day we had! However, the best moment was the meeting after the wedding, when it was time to give the photos. We were incredibly happy to see how pleased Jamie and Joe were with their photos. Here you can see the review we’ve got, “Dennis is amazing! Everything was perfect, and our pictures are beautiful. My wife and I are super grateful to have been referred to him, he’s very genuine, professional and a top notch photographer!

Thank you for this chance!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer