It is well known that you can hardly find somebody more emotional, sincere and impressionable than a small child is. Kids make our life full of laughter and bright moments. But how fast they are growing! Therefore, it is no wonder we try to save each happy moment, when our child’s eyes are glowing with fun and joy. For this purpose family photo session in Charleston is a really great solution. Such a photography gives you an opportunity not only to capture your kid’s smile with photos but visit new interesting places and have an excellent day-off.The couple and the child on the beach

Amy, Jeremy and Owen’s family photography in Charleston is a great example of such a productive and pleasant work. ‘It’s our first family vacation with our baby, so we wanted to have a professional capture some photos of us’, the couple told me. The first kid certainly changes your life completely. Everything acquires new details and features.  Even the most usual events in our life become special with a baby! Why do not save these memories to have an opportunity to revise them?The mother holds the baby, the parents are standing near the water and smiling

Amy and Jeremy are very loving parents. As soon as I met them, I could notice how tender and carefully the couple treated the baby. The  whole family looked absolutely happy and sincere. They coped with the son easily. It was no necessity to help them with posing at all! Their hugs, smiles and laughter looked perfect on the photos. Just have a look at the shoots and judge by yourself!The couple holds the baby on the beach

When I asked the couple about their previous photo sessions with a baby, they asked, ‘We had newborn photos taken of our baby when he was seven days old, so this is the first time we’ve had photos taken when he was awake.  Even though he was a little cranky, I’m really glad we took the time to get them done’. Such photos are always very pleasing to view, aren’t they?The couple is sitting with the baby on the knees. They are playing

Watching the parents playing with their kid, I could not but ask of some funny stories, connected with Owen. With a smile on her face, Amy shared, ‘Our photo shoot with you was one of the most funny things!  Also, we went on a hike with a 5 month old on Pickney Island  that was really fun but a little hard because he can’t go too long without a nap or being fed.  So far we’ve also hit some of our favorite restaurants – Skull Creek and Red Fish’. Of course, child upbringing is full of not only pleasant things, there are some difficulties too, but it is worth it without any doubts.The parents are smiling and playing with the babyThe father holds the baby

Charleston family photo session was hold on the beach. It is a really beautiful and lovely place. Beaches are very convenient to photograph kids as there are many calm and secluded places. Another good feature is the bijou fountain. It is especially precious for a kid photo session in Charleston as your child can play with water. It can be a magnificent idea for cute natural photos. Just look at the shoots! The family looks absolutely happy and beautiful, doesn’t it?The parents and the child are playing with water, father is kissing the baby

There were some problems too. The sun was very active and bright, so its light was too harsh for child’s eyes. This time of the day was not the best choice for a photo session with a small kid. Despite this the main thing is to follow your child’s schedule. Owen was in good mood that was the most important. It is necessary to bear in mind common rules but you can get in touch with a family photographer in Charleston to ask for advice.Mother holds the baby, father is hugging them and kissing the wife. She is smiling

The photo session was really beautiful and interesting. I have been glad to work with this family and I hope to meet them again.

Thank you, Amy, Jeremy and Owen, for this excellent day!

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