Happy moments and bright emotions make our life precious and pleasant. Therefore, it is no wonder why we try to capture the best events in photos. What day do you consider one of the most brightest? Many people mention a wedding and it can be understood. It is a day when the two loving connect their lives with each other and promise to share all happiness and sadness together. A magnificent bridal dress, lovely decorations, a charming location, exuberant flowers make this event not only emotional, but very beautiful. So, it is better to find an experienced and qualified wedding photographer in Charleston to make sure shoots will be as excellent as a celebration itself.
Jorge and Mavis are a nice a friendly couple. They are so sincere and loving that it is impossible to remain indifferent, working with these people. The wedding ceremony was absolutely touching and lovely. The couple’s happiness and sincere feelings can be felt even through the photos! This romantic and loving atmosphere was ideal for a magnificent wedding photography in Charleston. Can you feel it through the pictures?   The couple is hugging, the groom is kissing the bride
Seeing the couple’s tender looks and their eyes, sparkling with happiness, I could not but ask of their first meeting. The man told me, ‘We met at work, I remember her using the printer in the front office, and me asking myself, why have I not met this girl before’. Love at first sight is always so fairy and fantastic! It is not difficult to believe in this story, viewing the wedding photos, isn’t it?The couple is standing in the gazebo, they are looking at each other
You could think that Jorge and Mavis got acquainted and fell in love only yesterday. But it is deceptive. They had been dating for considerable time before the man proposed his beloved. Jorge and Mavis told with fascination of their life and nice traditions together, ‘We’re been together for five years, our best tradition is cooking amazing meals together at home and watching tv with some good wine and whiskey. We also try to ride down to key west every year as one of our favorite get aways’. The couple is in the park, the groom is kissing the bride
One of the cutest moments of every wedding photo session in Charleston is getting to know how the propose has been made. It is such a beautiful and thrilling moment! ‘I proposed to her on christmas day, in front of both of our families and the christmas tree. She had no idea, but just about everyone else knew what I was going to do’, the man shared. A secret engagement is always so charming and wonderful!
Charleston wedding photo session took place in White Point Garden. This park is a precious find for all kinds of visiting. Mighty trees, colorful flowers in blossom, exquisite architecture will became the perfect background for a pre-wedding photo session in Charleston as well. We made the most of this place and visited the prettiest points of the venue. Just have a look at these photos and try to remain untouched! The couple is kissing and hugging in the park, the bride is holding the bouquet
The photo session had its delightful features. The man’s red motorcycle became a real highlight! A stunning combination of the bride’s tender lace dress and the bright motorbike looked really fascinating! And the beautiful bouquet of the woman made her image even more refined and gentle. What do you think about such interesting highlights?The couple is sitting on the ride motorbike, the bride and the groom are looking at each otherThe bride holds the bouquet. She is posing in Charleston Downtown
Charleston wedding photo session in White Point Garden turned out to be really wonderful! Beautiful and lively photos made the couple absolutely satisfied with the result of my work. I was glad to capture Jorge and Mavis so it was a pleasure to hear their attitude.
Thank you, Jorge and Mavis, for this exciting day!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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