Wedding is one of the brightest memories in our life. What emotions are connected with this significant for you day? Joy, happiness, exciting anticipation make up a positive side of a tapestry of feelings. But there is concern and wariness too. You can be especially nervous, if something planned is going wrong. Here is the story of Kimberly and Jeremy, who have faced some problems but haven’t lost the temper. No matter what, their wedding day was full of love and happiness. Don’t you want to learn more about it?The bride and the groom are looking at each other

Seeing Kimberly and Jeremy first time, I thought how beautiful and sincere their couple was. The eyes, glowing with happiness, and the bright smiles could not lie! The couple was a real find for Charleston wedding photographer. Just look at the shoots! Don’t you think Kimberly and Jeremy seem to have started dating just a few months ago? The feelings of the couple were so strong and fresh that I even imagined how lovely and charming their secret proposal photo session in Charleston could be!The couple is kissing and hugging

The most touching and nice part of this significant day was the wedding ceremony. Kimberly was so excited that told me of their engagement. Have a look at this funny and romantic story and you will not remain indifferent!

‘Jeremy proposed at Fenway Park during a Red Sox game. We went to a game once a month together. I had a feeling that he was going to propose that day but he kept throwing me off so I couldn’t know for sure. At the game, he had told me to stand up once and I told him no- I was nervous too! At one point, I went on a beer run and came back and he proposed (with the two beers still in my hands). Thankfully, Jeremy had told everyone around us that he was planning to propose so we got pictures from every angle’.The couple is kissing, the bride holds the bouquet

The couple got incredible photos and they were satisfied. Can you think something has gone wrong, looking at the shoots? But Kimberly and Jeremy had meant to hold their wedding in an absolutely other place than that they choose finally. Charleston wedding photo session in Hampton Park turned out to be gorgeous, but what had happened before? There is the answer of the couple.

‘We had never planned to get married in Charleston. We had actually planned to get married at Anna Maria Island in Florida. However, hurricane Irma decided to swoop in instead which caused us to have to rethink our plans. We thought about so many different places but ultimately decided on Charleston. We are so glad we did. It was the better choice in the end’.The couple is kissing on the bridge, the bride and the groom are standing at sunset

Why the couple was captivated by the venue of the wedding? First of all, it is the largest park on the peninsula. It is also a great place for any kind of photography. Various long footpaths, mighty high trees, lush bushes attest to a special charm of the park. Its intimate and secluded atmosphere makes the venue the perfect place for a pre-wedding photo session in Charleston. Bijou benches and exquisite bridges help to create a magnificent background for the story of two loving people. Just look at the photos and you will want to visit Hampton Park!The groom is hugging the bride, she is holding the bouquet and laughing

The secret of the magnificent soft lightning you can see on the pictures lies in the time, chosen for the wedding photo session in Charleston. The ceremony finished just before the sunset – the most beautiful and enchanting part of day. Therefore, I managed to take amazing photos where tender sun rays made the true and sincere love of the couple even more obvious.The bride is fixing the flower on the groom's shirt

The day of Kimberly and Jeremy wedding photography in Charleston was interesting, productive and active. We found the best place and time and made the most of these excellent conditions. The couple was staying in Charleston for some time so I could give them the photos by myself. It was a good chance to meet these nice people again and see they liked the shoots.

Thank you, Kimberly and Jeremy, for this beautiful photo session!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer