What events do you consider as the most thrilling, emotional and magnificent in your life? I am sure you will mention an engagement. It is not just a moment in your relationships. Proposal is a significant step that can lay the foundation of your joint story of love and support, overcoming difficulties and sharing happy minutes. It is a starting point of creating your own family. Undoubtedly, this moment is worth capturing in photos, isn’t it?

 An essential part of a successful engagement is keeping it a secret till the right moment. It is especially important during the photo session. What photos can be more pleasing in some time than which show the natural surprise and joy of the fiancée? Therefore, it is better find a mature Savannah engagement photographer who can not only take lovely shoots but help with preparations. How has it been going this time?

 The man called me up a few months before the event. He told me of his intention to propose the beloved and we came up with a plan. It included the concrete time and place when and where he would kneel. We also agreed on a special signal to begin. Another precaution was getting in touch through a third person. To put it in a nutshell, we made the utmost to surprise the woman. Did we manage to succeed? You can judge by the photos!

 After making proposal I got acquainted with the couple. Both of them have been happy and excited but the woman’s joy is difficult to convey in words. I think you’d better look at the photos. We talked a bit and Lexi shared her favorite features of the beloved, ‘I most love his sense of humor and constantly making me laugh and his perfect smirk. He can’t pick one thing only about me but he loves my drive and personality’. And I could see her words were true. The couple turned out to be cheerful and lively. We laughed, talked and walked a lot during the Savannah engagement photo session. We tried many beautiful places and a lot of interesting ideas. It was a really great day!

 Speaking about the day of the Savannah engagement photography, I should mention that it was Christmas Eve. Could the engagement be more romantic and dreamy? The celebration’s spirit created an inexpressible atmosphere that made the photo session really magnificent and gorgeous. I think Clark couldn’t choose better time for this event.

 We started the photo session 30 minutes before the sunset. Therefore, we managed to catch the most suitable time for taking shoots. The light was gentle and mild, all the nature was colored in tender shades. This time is also great for a pre-wedding photography. The place was chosen perfectly too. Savannah engagement photo session in Forsyth Park can’t disappoint anybody. Beautiful surrounding, excellent backgrounds, charming atmosphere (especially on Christmas Eve) will admire all of you. I took some individual photos of Lexi there. She is a beautiful and charismatic woman, isn’t she?

 The day of the photo session was very efficient. The time, place and preparations were perfect. I did my best to make the event unforgettable. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to hear such words, ‘I would say that you are so involved and passionate that it shows tremendously in your service and great direction for making every shot great. You also made us feel comfortable and excited to keep going. Great personable skills and always made us laugh and extremely passionate which u could see through your positive attitude!!’

 Thank you, Clark and Lexi, for that gorgeous atmosphere and emotions!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer