Small children always amaze us as they are very mobile, active and positive. Little things can make them happy, cheerful or sad, bitter. It’s so difficult to keep up with children’s mood. But this is exactly what admires all adults. Parents, grandparents, even aunts and uncles remember some funny and touching moments that are connected with their kids, discuss and tell about them different people. Therefore it’s a great idea to take a photo session to save the happiest memories and have a possibility to return to them again and again. Of course, it’s important to make sure that you will deal with a professional. A good and experienced Charleston family photographer can help you with this task.

Jimmy, Jen and Jacob are a very cheerful and lovely family. It was a great pleasure to work with them as there was a lot of laugh and joy. Young parents told us many exciting and nice stories about their life and the kid especially. We wondered why the couple had made up a decision to book a Charleston family photo session and they shared with us, ‘We were on vacation and wanted family pictures at the beach for our son’s 4th birthday’.

The young couple behaved naturally and openly. We had much fun and amusement. The lively parents joked a lot that made the kid calm, enthusiastic either. Their love and sincerity towards each other and Jacob admired us and helped to create a truly family atmosphere. We could take both beautiful common photos and romantic shoots of the couple. We are sure you will feel all these positive emotions and love even through the pictures.

Jacob is a very cute child. Sometimes there are some problems to deal with small kids as they are afraid of strangers and photographers especially but we could avoid this difficulty. Jacob is a smiling and obedient boy. Of course, the Charleston family photo session on Kiawah Island turned out to be very dynamic and mobile as the active little child was making us move all the time. So we run a lot, tried many interesting poses and took really lovely pictures. Positive and lively Jacob was photographed both with his parents and alone. Just look at these enjoyable and bright photos in the water!

The young family wasn’t in two minds about the venue. When we asked about their favorite place and pastime they answered, ‘Kiawah Island. Biking, going to the beach and playing sports together’. We think Jimmy, Jen and Jacob have done the perfect choice. Kiawah Island is a popular place among tourists as there are many luxury resorts, villas, golf clubs and other exciting things. Beautiful beaches also attract a lot of people. The family photography was hold on in the evening. The weather was warm and pleasant so we had all necessary conditions to have excellent pictures. Soft light, evening sun rays, small waves made that day unforgettable. We did our best to take the most charming family photos and got a lot of pleasure.

Thank you, Jimmy, Jen and Jacob, for that dynamic day!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

    Article author:
    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer