Love story photo session is a good idea both for couples who have fallen in love recently and those who have been dating for a long time. Good and nice photos always will be pleasant memory of this romantic period.

Westly and Skye have been together for one year. It seems that many things have happened since they saw each other the first time but both of them remember clearly the moment of their meeting. Just have a look at the way how Skye describes this important day, ‘I first met Wes at Brittlebank Park in front of the Charleston City Rowing Club’s boat trailer. I was actually preparing to move back to Boston for my final year at Wellesley College, and he was joining the club after taking a rowing hiatus. I most remember his deep, ringing voice and his relaxed confidence as he shook my hand and introduced himself. I would not see him again until I returned to Charleston the next June’.

The love story photography took place in a really incredible venue. This location can be called ‘a little Venice’ without a doubt. I’On, Mount Pleasant is one of the most gorgeous places in South Carolina. Beautiful buildings, breathtaking nature pictures and outstanding views won’t remain you indifferent.

The time of the photo session also was very special. We met on Christmas Eve. It added unusual romance and beauty to the photography and helped to create magic and fascinating atmosphere. It was an early morning so there were a few people outside. The light was gentle and mild, the nature was only waking up. We could try many different places and change a lot of poses. It seemed to be the fairy tale only for Westly and Skye. The love story photo session in I’On, Mount Pleasant turned out to be special and memorable.

During the work we were talking much and the couple shared some funny and interesting moments of their relationships with us. Just see what Skye told us, ‘One of my favourite stories is this one: on one of our first dates, we were supposed to go kayaking to Shutes Folly in the morning and then have lunch together downtown. We never did go kayaking (we went rowing instead), and he was so exhausted that he fell asleep at Brown Dog Deli while waiting for our food! We were sitting on a little swing, and I was chatting with him when I realised he had gone quiet. I looked over, and he had his head on my shoulder snoozing! I waited until our food arrived before waking him and teasing him mercilessly about his table manners’.

This couple gave us a lot of positive emotions. It was a real pleasure to watch them. We are sure you can feel the sincerity and the warmth of their relationships through the photos. Westly and Skye were satisfied with our cooperation and we were glad to hear it.

Thank you, Westly and Skye, for this unusual and magic photo session!

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    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer