April 16, 2022

On April 16, 2022, Barrett & Jacinda had a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was organized in a cozy place in the circle of close and dear people. The celebration was filled with warmth, love and unforgettable emotions.

At the amazing Magnolia Plantation, the couple said “I do” to each other and exchanged their love vows. Spring flowers and candles were the main decoration of the ceremony. Stylish, sophisticated, and refined. The venue for the celebration was literally buried in greenery. A beautiful bridge, a white gazebo and Cypress Lake made the photos from wedding photographers of the couple special.

The couple met at Jacinda’s massage parlor, where Barrett came as a client. Jacinda thought he was such a handsome gentleman, and he thought she was beautiful and calming. Four years of a vibrant and unforgettable relationship ended with a reverent proposal. Next came the planning for that special day.

The bride’s stylish white dress with open shoulders was organically complemented by a bouquet of wildflowers. The groom chose a light beige suit and combined it with light brown boots.

When asked what you love most about your partner, Jacinda answered with a smile and sparkling eyes: “His gentleness with me and his protectiveness. I know I can trust him.”

To a similar question, Barrett gave the following answer without hesitation: “How calm she makes me feel and how kind she is”.

So why did the couple choose Charleston for their special day? It is Barrett and Jacinda’s favorite city. That’s why they had no doubt that they would celebrate their wedding here.

We, Charleston wedding photographers, wish the wonderful Barrett and Jacinda that they will cherish their love and tenderness for many years to come. Be happy as on this wonderful day, which we have preserved in luminous photos.

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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    Dennis A. / Lead Photographer