October 8, 2021

And if marriages are made in heaven, someone from above accurately wrote the date of October 8, 2021 in a huge leather-bound book. That’s when Samantha and Stefanos became husband and wife. So, let’s move to Magnolia Plantation and see how the happiest day of their lives went.

An outdoor ceremony in a spacious green clearing under the shade of trees. A true union with nature. The wedding combined Greek and Egyptian cultural traits. A warm fall color scheme, greenery, wood elements, lots of little glowing lights. Elegance and style was evident in every detail.

Samantha appeared in front of her guests in a tight-fitting dress with a neckline and a translucent plume. Her beautifully gathered hair was complemented by a long veil. She held a delicate bouquet with white lilies in her hands. Stefanos chose the perfect combination: a dark blue suit with a vest and brown boots. A white tie and a white silk scarf in the jacket completed the image of the groom.

The couple’s acquaintance was a true romantic story. At that time Samantha worked as a waitress, and Stefanos was a visitor to the establishment. He left her his number on the receipt. A few short messages, long conversations in the evenings. After the first meeting, the couple didn’t see each other for six months because Stefanos had gone on a long business trip. But all that was nothing compared to their strong desire to be together.

The couple admits that they are crazy about Charleston, its nature, and sunsets, so they chose it for their wedding without any doubts.

We asked the lovely bride, “What do you love most about him?” She laughingly answered the following: “His humor and his relationship with Jesus. He was able to bring religion back into my life, and he always makes sure that I’m the happiest I could be.

Now it was the groom’s turn to answer the question, “What do you love most about her?” He replied with a smile, “She loves my bubbly personality and how kind I am. How supportive I am. The way I look at her makes her heart melt.”

The team of wedding photographers in Charleston were happy to be the guests and those who captured the highlights of your wedding. Keep your love and loyalty to each other.

Venue | Magnolia Plantation Weddings

Officiant | Harry Spahn

Rental company | Snyder Rentals

Floral Design | In bloom 

Wedding Dress | The White Magnolia Bridal Collection Savannah – Formerly BleuBelle

Hair + Makeup | Silhouette On Site

Catering | Salthouse Catering 

Cake | Flour Pastries

    Dennis Aliaksandrou: The Charleston Wedding Photographer

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