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You know, we are always told “Beginning is the hardest part”. Although my beginning was more than 10 years ago, I still remember confusion and doubts that accompany every newbie. A wise and experienced photography mentor is a great help for those who start their journey.

Time has passed and now I am an experienced engagement, wedding and elopement photographer. This is my lifework. And I’ll be happy to become a mentor for the beginners, who are driven by their passion for photography. My expertise and your thirst for knowledge will allow us to get an impressive result. Step by step I will share my secrets and teach you how to capture sincere emotions or take stunning detailed pictures.

You will learn how:

  • to work with the professional photographer’s equipment. It includes setting the white balance, exposure and other parameters for taking high quality photos. As a professional, I usually have 2 Canon camera bodies on hand.
  • to choose the shooting angle, adjust the composition. The importance of shooting angle can’t be underestimated. Different angles and compositions allow us to get different effects in the ready photos. They reflect our vision of the picture and help to emphasize something meaningful.
  • to work with the natural lighting, artificial lighting and flash at the venue. Proper work with the lighting significantly affects the photography results.
  • to work with the couple and guests during the ceremony. Traditional weddings are meant to have a lot of guests. Although the couple is the most important element of the big day, it is important to know how to communicate with the extended family. Communication skills will help you to take amazing candid pictures during the celebration.
  • to communicate with the clients and vendors, so on the wedding day everything will go easily. Regardless of the wedding type – traditional or intimate, there are vendors involved. In order to work as a team you need to communicate as professionals.


Students quantity: Among all the applicants I will choose 2-3 students.

Duration: Approximately 3 months. I say approximately, because my goal is to work with you till I’m sure that you can do it by yourself. At the end of our photography mentorship you are to have no fears and doubts.

Communication: Personal meetings with the student group are always the best option. But if there is no opportunity for offline meetings, we will arrange Zoom conferences. The core element of my photography mentoring is a real practice. At first you will take part in small photo sessions as an observer. Once you gain more experience you may even get a chance to become a third photographer.

Advantage: Best students will take part in real weddings photo shooting together with me! Participating in such a big event as a third photographer will be a great practice for the best students.

I believe that practice is what makes you more professional and confident. You may watch a lot of videos, read books or articles, shoot some objects that are not related to weddings. But to have the relevant skills you need to be a part of the real events. Having a chance to interact with a practicing photographer is much better than reading any book about photography. My knowledge is based on real experience. And I am ready to guide you.

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