Nowadays newborn portrait is the most important documentary for the parents. The newcomer gets acquainted with his family and the entire world by pictures. Proud parents are showing all these pretty photos of sleeping, smiling or just posing baby. Here is our child! Of course, these sweet moments and their result should be in safe hands of a real professional.

Why people are paying for a professional infant photography? They pay for:

  • a quality of photos (it should be enough to make a poster);
  • stylish pictures looking like art objects that can become a piece of honor;
  • a unique photographer's style and a special atmosphere;
  • memories that are available in a digital or a photobook format;
  • attention and inspiration (parents want to share their pride about a child, feel significance of this photoshoot moment and see their baby in some sweet way like a little wonder).

Newborn baby photoshoot is expected to be shot in 2 major styles:

  • in studio style: pics with poses, accessories and theme props;
  • lifestyle staged on location, with Mom.

Both variants take 2 - 4 hours to make many amazing infant portraits. This takes so much time because of baby's needs: feeding, cleaning-up, changing and managing with parents.



Here you may look through my newborn photography packages. If you want to know more information about family prices, click button Learn More.

$ 149

  •  – 30 minutes in Studio or on Location;
  •  – up to 30 images;
  • – Online gallery for your baby;
  •  – 3 images of your choice retouched;
  •  – Turnaround 1-2 days.

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$ 249

  •  – 60 minutes in Studio or on Location;
  •  – up to 50 images;
  •  – 6 images of your choice retouched;
  •  – Turnaround 1-3 days.

$ 249

  •  – 120 minutes in Studio or on Location;
  •  – up to 100 images;
  •  – 15 images of your choice retouched;
  •  – Turnaround 3-5 days.


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    Once you order a newborn photoshoot you should be ready to spend time not only on set-up but on having happy moments, getting in magic loving atmosphere with your child, trying different poses and outfits to make great pictures. It's not a job. You should take it like a celebration where a baby is a party hero.

    Parents shouldn't bother about the posing or making nice shoots. Little creatures are quite sleepy the first 3-4 months. Photographer definitely will get a chance to catch cozy and precious moments with sleeping or relaxing baby. Studio photoshoot is expected to use professional light, some fancy charming outfits or props. Professional photographer is used to help infant sweeties to take proper poses for incredibly beautiful pics.

    But you can think of some trendy or theme newborn outfits and accessories to make extraordinary photos. Parents can ask about what it could be or find ideas by themselves. There are plenty of stylish or unusual examples in Pinterest or social media.

    Lifestyle newborn photography is our try to catch the moment. It's more casual and less official than studio photoshoot. Lifestyle type of photoshoot is becoming more and more popular. People want to see true emotions. That's why shoot at home is a great way to show your life, emotions and everyday relationships with your child.

    If you're not sure about location at home, you can get free consultation before the photoshoot. A photographer can discuss with you details, outfits, colors, ideas of pictures and poses. Everybody needs to be sure about expectations to get a splendid result.

    What are the most popular ideas for a lifestyle type:

    • lying in bed hugging a baby;
    • taking infant heels in hands;
    • posing with pets;
    • sweet sleepy head dreaming in a baby's bed under some cute blanket or with a nice toy etc.

    Lifestyle shoot is more about catching a natural light, showing a real beauty of our everyday environment. Natural is a new normal. So it's a trendy photoshoot type that you can choose to immortalize happy moments of the first newborn's weeks.

    Having a successful newborn photoshoot is a great gift to the family. These first months are passing away very fast. So parents should choose properly a professional that is nominated to bring them the best infant portraits. You have to pay attention to portfolio, photos style, feedback, photographer's ideas and suggestions while consulting. There is no list of guarantees of the perfect photos because they shouldn't be perfect, they need to be real and catching.